About My Art

I go through phases of using a range of media such as watercolour, oils, gold leaf and oil, watercolour pencils, pastels and acrylics. Although oil is probably my favourite, the limitless choice of mediums available being like a sweet shop to a child, always makes me wonder whether the grass is greener in a different medium. I am the same with subjects - the challenge of what's available around and within us, whether expressed descriptively or through abstract representation, makes it difficult for me to commit to any one subject.

I get my inspiration from observing the world outside and around me and sometimes something clicks in my head or images emerge unexpectedly, especially during those few minutes before I fall asleep and slip into slumber at night.

If you live outside the United Kingdom and would like me to send you a quote for a delivery price abroad, please do not hesitate to contact me and perhaps we can negotiate a discount on the painting to reflect the higher shipping cost for you, even though I am sure you will appreciate that the prices of my paintings are already very competitive.