About My Art

I have painted for many years using oils and started using watercolours 8 years ago. Although it is a more difficult medium to use than oils the results are far more delicate and I find it creative and versatile. I enjoy painting landscapes, villages by the sea and flowers. Most of all I like to create textures in stones and walls using texture medium underneath the watercolour. I paint in watercolour when I want a challenge.
I am a very versatile painter and like to try out different styles and experiment with colour. I find acrylic paint is fabulous for playing with as it dries quickly and you can add to it as soon as it is dry. I can have fun with this medium and if I don't like it, I just paint over it and do something else.
Acrylic paint is fabulous for painting abstracts and I use the vibrant colours to accentuate the shapes I see in landscapes. I sometimes use black to enhance the shapes and make them look like stained glass. I have a tendency to put to much detail into paintings so to counteract this I sometimes use a palette knife, creating a less defined and more textured finish to my work.