A little bit about me

I am originally from Belfast but have been living in England since I was a small boy.

I am self taught and have been selling my art since I was twelve years old this talent saved me as I have severe dyslexia which was not really understood at that time so off to special school for me, the ability to paint showed me that although words might not be in my grasp, art was as natural as breathing to me.

My style is a modern take on timeless subjects the lost feeling of small person in the big city, the joy of unexpected snow the way you surroundings affect your mood I also like the juxtaposition of the mundane in an unusual setting such as salesmen in the desert.

I feel that the ability to paint was a gift for without it I would have found life much more difficult, I cannot as my others can, leap into the pages of a book, I leap into the art my characters are my pastels oils and brushes. Paint is my Charles Dickens and Shakespeare things balance out.

Welcome to my art please look around David

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