About My Art

For many years I used acrylics and watercolours as my main medium but most of the paintings I work on these days are rendered in oils as I find the quality, richness and depth of oil paint so much more satisfying for my style of painting. I tend to paint mostly landscapes and seascapes of local scenery but from time to time I also enjoy doing portraits too. The Gower is one of my favorite places of choice for subject matter as it has so much to offer a keen and eager eye and so I never tire of the different contrasts it offers, from a cloudy and windswept rocky cove scene to a sunny and sandy bay. My work for the most part is representational and I am always striving to introduce a sense of depth and energy into my pictures from either that of the waves, the flow of wind driven clouds or the movement of river water. Ultimately I hope to produce many more works of a similar theme and style in addition to incorporating plenty of passion and drama which for me is always the most satisfying.