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David Taylor

Olney, Buckinghamshire

21 artworks

Mini Gallery updated Saturday 28th March 2015

Welcome to my Mini Gallery

Welcome to my Mini Gallery

I have been sketching and painting for most of my life but in the last
10 years it has become a serious preoccupation. Most of my work is in watercolour or mixed media although just recently I have started painting in oils. Each of my pictures starts life as a colour sketch and when possible I take a lot of photographs that are then used for reference purposes.

I draw on the landscapes of Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, Gower, Northumberland, New Zealand, France, Canada and my own locality.

Most of my sales come through this website, commissions and local exhibitions. I prefer to undertake landscape commissions of localities I either know or can reach easily. However, if a customer can produce good photographs of landscapes and they appeal to me, I am prepared to work from them. I have included a number of examples of types of paintings that may encourage commissions.