About My Art

I never run short of ideas for my contemporary landscapes, living and working in a Lancashire village surrounded by beautiful countryside and also having the Lake District only an hour's drive to the North.

From lots of rough sketches I will select my favourites which I think will make the grade as a finished painting. I always paint sky first as I feel this sets the mood for the finished work. This leads to background, foreground, objects and shadows - an important and recognisable part of my painting. I like to exaggerate these to create unusual and rather quirky compositions at times.

These days my finished work will vary quite considerably from the initial sketch.
I often feel that painting is like learning to drive a car, aiming to stay in control of it from start to finish and feeling elated at the finished result.

I am always trying to create an impact with my vibrant sunsets and dramatic compositions and always paint acrylic on canvas as I like the quick drying time compared to oils.