Tails of the Riverbank

Acrylic, deep edge box canvas

Tails of the Riverbank

About Tails of the Riverbank

This is one of my exaggerated perspective specials. I wanted to paint something that would appeal to animal lovers of all types, in fact when I finished this the words cattle market sprang to mind. The title is a play on a childhood T.V. programme which people of my age may remember - 'Hammy Hamster's Tales of the Riverbank' which featured hamsters in various guises really hamming it up (sorry couldn't resist that). Originally my sketch for this featured even more animals lining the riverbank watching the passing ducks as if in a triumphant parade, but then it occurred to me that most of the spectators
probably wouldn't be that interested, and would prefer to chew on a cud of grass or eye up some bovine or equine talent perhaps... This painting is available from The Contemporary Art Gallery Eton near Windsor or via their website.
TITLE: Tails of the Riverbank
ARTIST: Derrick Fielding Add Derrick Fielding to my favourites
MEDIA: Acrylic
DATE: 2010
SIZE: 914.4x914.4 mm / 36x36 inches
FORMAT: deep edge box canvas
FRAMING: unframed

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