Customer Comments

''Hi Derrick,
We have today collected the picture from the post office and we are thrilled.
It is already on the wall and lights up the room.
Thank you for all your work, care and skill in creating a fabulous way for us to remember our 21st wedding anniversary.''
(All's Well That Ends Well, May, 2010)

''We are delighted with The Colours of Passion; it is currently at the framers and we look forward to hanging it.''
(The Colours of Passion, August, 2010)

The paintings arrived safely last week. We're very pleased with them - the colours are great, the soft lighting works very well, and they look great where they are currently hang. Lovely warm 'feel-good' paintings!''
(Chilled Out East' and 'Chilled Out West', February, 2011)

"It arrived today. It is fantastic, I love it! Many, many thanks!!"
Catherine, Kent, 23rd March 2011
(Where The Poetic Champions Compose)

"The painting arrived safely today and looks great. They're always better in real life compared to the small pictures on the net. Many thanks for your time and help with this. I look forward to meeting you again some time."
Dominic, Essex, 6th June 2011
(Whisper of the Waves)

"It has arrived and it is perfect! Packing fantastic. I can't wait to get it on my wall."
Yvonne, Bedfordshire, 8th July 2011
(Rush Hour Grand 2)

"Thank you very much. We stumbled upon your work, whilst honeymooning in the Lakes last week, and loved it straight away. It is the first piece of "proper art" we have bought and it won't be the last from your collection! Congratulations in possessing a great talent and sharing it.''
Graham, Lincolnshire, 8th August 2011
(Crispy Duck with Winter Veg)

"Your painting arrived today in perfect condition so many thanks. Buying art via the internet is a gamble. Although I trusted your work would look better in real life than on the internet.
You have not let us down Derrick. The painting is better than on Mini Gallery! We both love the painting and now we just have to find a place to hang it. Your work and your talent blows me away.
I keep revisiting the room where we have temporarily placed the painting.
I love the eyes on the birds! Your painting is a like a little world that you can escape to. We are both very excited to be proud owners of our first Derrick Fielding painting!"
Linda, Germany, 12th January 2012
(Why Can't Cats and Birds Be Friends Dad?)

"We've received the cards, they are great."
Colin, Essex, 4th April 2012
(4 Fine Art Greeting Cards - Spring/summer)

"That painting looks amazing on the office wall."
Sarah, London, 13th April 2012
(Just Another Winters Tale)

"The print arrived Friday lunch time, very well wrapped! We are very pleased with the print and hope to add to our collection as your new prints come available."
David, Hampshire, 28th April 2012
(Warwick Castle - the Mound)

''Received today, looks fantastic.''
Chris, Lincolnshire, 11th May 2012
(Rush Hour Grand 4)

''You weren't kidding when you said it looked even better in real life!! The word 'WOW' and 'brilliant' have been used a lot this morning. It is absolutely beautiful.
It's already up on the wall and perfectly measured into place with a spirit level! Thank you very much from us both. We're hoping we can purchase another painting from you in the future.
Thank you also for the card's, we actually mounted and framed the previous four you kindly sent us, and all four have been put on the wall together.''
Colin, Essex, 22nd June, 2012
(Warwick Castle - the Mound 2)

''The painting arrived yesterday afternoon safe and sound. It felt like Xmas came early when we opened it last night. It now has pride of place hanging on my dining room wall. We are over the moon with it, even though it caused some serious arguments as to where it looked best!''
Donna, Aberdeenshire, 18th July, 2012

"My painting arrived safely this afternoon, thank you. What can I say? It blew me away. It lights up the room when you walk in. You certainly have a magical and special talent."
Linda, Lancashire, 6th September 2012
(One Summer Dream)

''Painting still not hung yet, we are considering a few different locations! That's only the second time in my life I've seen my husband teary, so he was definitely impressed!''
Tracy, North Yorkshire, 17th September, 2012
(Hong Kong Lights)

''Received this at work yesterday as promised. It arrived safely and it goes without saying it really is quite special. Even before the wrappings had come completely off I heard myself saying out loud the word WOW! Already on my dining room wall, love it.''
Charles, Milton Keynes, 22nd September, 2012
(Warwick Castle - the Mound)

''Our print arrived today and it's fantastic, so thank you.''
James, Humberside, 19th December, 2012
(Beyond A Shadow Of A Cow)

''The painting is awesome and hung on the wall, it has really become the focal point of the front room and my wife and I find ourselves staring at it all the time. It is amazing how the colours and shades change during the day and our little girl takes great delight whilst pointing at the picture.
We both really appreciate the work and time involved and can't wait to visit the gallery one day, until then all the best and thanks again.''
Lewis. Christchurch, New Zealand, 5th January, 2013
(Winter's Morn, River Avon, Christchurch)