A little bit about me

Eamonn Ruane - Artist - West London.

I was born in West London in 1958 where I live today with my family. I am a self taught artist and have enjoyed painting from a very young age.

After leaving school in 1974 I trained as a precision engineer and continued to work in engineering for 18 years. Following redundancy I decided to take up art on a full time basis and, working from home began to develop my artwork. I get great satisfaction from working with colour, being creative and using different mediums including acrylic, inks and oils. I also enjoy painting various subjects. Very often my abstract pieces will have a theme e.g. fire, flame, leaves, running through them and customers comment that the more you look at a piece of work the more you see in it.

I often spend time visiting the West Country and the New Forrest where I gain inspiration from the many colours seen in the sea and sky, I also get ideas from the colours in the flowers, shrubs and trees on display during our four seasons

My work is held in collections around the word.