About My Art

My art is mainly abstract and I love working with acrylic paints as I find this medium to be very flexible.

I have developed my own style of painting, which uses mostly a painting knife. This enables my work to have many different textures.
I like using bold colours, shapes and repeat patterns and I work on canvas, especially box canvas, as I think that a frame can distract from the painting itself.

I also like to add shine to some of my paintings and in the past I have used gold and silver leaf. I love the delicate nature of this.

My work is taken from my personal experiences and feelings which begin with drawings in my many sketch books.
I then use these ideas and turn them in to my paintings. I love to look back at my sketch books and see how a piece began.

My childhood was surrounded by art. My Dad was an art lecturer and he would always be painting, drawing or in the cellar on his potters wheel. He would always get me involved and I loved taking part. He also owned an art gallery and I was able to help setting up the new exhibitions and I loved looking at all the different styles of art work.
Growing up in this environment gave me a great insight into the many different ranges of art, and showed me that art is a very personal thing and that everyone interprets it differently.

I love painting. When I am absorbed in my work, nothing else matters and the stresses of daily life are eased away.