About My Art

For me painting is distortion and filtering, taking reality and turning it into something more personal. I have a strong urge to paint, it is a release and a therapy.

I use a very specific palette which I have chosen to match the local colours of the region. Each painting is built up of several layers of paint, some applied like watercolour, others applied in thick impasto with a palette knife. I often paint with my hands, knifes, sticks and sometimes brushes!

I tend to paint in spontaneous bursts producing several paintings one after the other whilst I'm in the mood. I am not an "illustrator" type of painter and cannot methodically copy, or represent reality as it is, that's what cameras where invented for! For me the creative process is about passion and feeling and the canvas is the arena in which that is expressed

I use the inspiration of my local Peak District location but my paintings are never literal reproductions or copies of the landscape. I do not not paint in situ and reject the convention of painting in this traditional manner. As a result you will not find him trekking across the wilderness with a rucksack full of paints ! Instead I visit locations, wait, absorb the atmosphere and the rest comes later, from inside at the studio.