About My Art

I call my work Umberart; some twelve years ago a beautiful chocolate labrador puppy came into my life after the loss of another beloved labrador his colour and my interest in sepia drawing offered no other choice than to call him Umber hence the name Umberart.

Umber is well known as drawings of him are often seen while exhibiting my work. I work in watercolour sepia pen pencil oil and acrylic. I also produce comic drawings of dogs etc. in shooting clothes.
The comic pictures are usually commissioned, customers send me photos of themselves in their shooting /sports clothing I draw their body adding their favourite pet working dog or animal of their choice for the head this makes a very personal picture or gift.
I cannot say I specialise in any particular item of art work whatever takes my interest I am prepared to try I enjoy painting anything, all my inspiration is taken from my surroundings I have the sea just four miles from my home I have fields just out of my door It is common place to see all wildlife for example deer owls hares foxes to name a few.
Recently I have started to paint in oil it has been an interesting experience that I have enjoyed although I will admit to watercolour being my first love.
Sadly I have recently lost my beloved Umber after almost thirteen years however my work will remain as Umberart his name and his memory will live on.
Some time in the future there will be another labrador, for the first time a rescue dog one that needs a good home.