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Griff Griffiths

Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Mini Gallery updated Monday 8th February 2016

Welcome to my Mini Gallery

In 1975 when I took the plunge and became a full time painter information technology was in its infancy, computers filled rooms, mobile phones were like house bricks. A couple of decades before that I was communicating in the Royal Navy with semaphore flags, flashing lights and hoisting signal flags. Here we are now not only passing messages but showing our artwork in an instant worldwide.
Going back even further at the age of 13 on a scholarship to Wakefield School of Arts & Crafts I was using the same handheld instruments to make marks and the same pigments ground to make paint as had been used for centuries and artists will go on doing this in the foreseeable future. (How many other occupations or professions can say that!)

I'm not a Luddite and embrace modern technology as an excellent information and marketing tool or I would not be showing my work in Mini Gallery but for all its wonders a computer cannot produce that little extra something that comes from within the artist be they painters, musicians, writers actors etc

Here's hoping you will visit again and view my paintings as I update in the future and maybe you will spot that little extra something.
I seem to be getting a number of commissions for wedding presents usually the venue hotel etc., not a bad idea when you can't think what to buy the happy couple and its a one off not another toaster !.