About My Art

Over the years I have become best known for my watercolours though I am happy working in any other medium oil, pastel, acrylic etc.

My method of working is to do any preliminary sketches directly from the subject, or if time and conditions permit, finish the painting there and then, if this is not so then I finish off under controlled conditions in the studio, indoors for watercolour and acrylic, out in the shed or garden for oils and pastel (keeping the smell and dust out of my wife's way!) But trying to keep the freshness of the original sketch.

I enjoy working to commission whether it be landscape, seascape, portraiture, equestrian, architectural, pets, you name it I seem to have tackled most subjects in my time, the most numerous was a set of 50 watercolours for the offices of a firm of accountants, the largest, recently completed, a canvas 6ft x 8ft in acrylic. Architectural illustrations (perspectives and impressions) can be produced from plans and elevations.

I am a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustration.

My work has been exhibited in numerous venues in this country and abroad, shopping malls to the Mall galleries.

I undertake demonstrations and workshops at art groups and run my own workshops locally.