A little bit about me

My self-portrait
My self-portrait
I was born in the village of Ryhill near Wakefield, Yorkshire. I always had an interest in drawing etc, (no television in those days!) winning a scholarship to Wakefield School of Arts & Crafts aged 13 followed by 3 years architectural work and study, however at 18 the desire to broaden my horizons prompted me to join the Royal Navy for 7 years, a good decision, by the time I was 21 I had set foot in 30 countries or islands, when I left , being married with a young family I sought security in the insurance industry, my last promotion took me to North Leeds, my son Ian joined the local art group and I went along also, started dabbling (I hadn't done anything other than a bit of sketching since art school) and 18 months later when sales of my watercolours began to exceed my sales of insurance I returned to a career that had begun all those years previously.

I specialise in private house commissions and the preparation of perspectives and impressions in the architectural field.

I feel I have been most fortunate in finding a way of life that has enabled me to provide for my family and given me fulfilment and immense satisfaction.
My commissioned work has taken me all over the U.K. and U.S.A. and I have made many friends along the way.