Customer Comments

" Pool of London " commissioned watercolour. 11.05.07

Thank you for delivering the picture yesterday, it was lovely to meet you.
The picture is just amazing, there are no words to describe how impressed we are, Barry is a man of few words so you may not have been aware how pleased he was, it certainly made it more special for him to meet you.
When we are settled after the builders, painters and electricians have finished working in our house I know we shall be contacting you again.
Thank you so very much.

" Bluebell walk " Watercolour 23.9.07

I took Myfanwy away to a country hotel for the weekend of her birthday. I gave her the painting of "Bluebell walk"before we went down to breakfast on the morning of her birthday.Saturday 15th of September.
She was surprised and overjoyed to receive it and was absolutely amazed that I had managed to keep it a secret from her. An all seeing being she might be but she had no idea on this occasion.
We hung the painting in our sun-room when we got back to the cottage late on Sunday afternoon. It looks superb and we are both grateful to you for taking the trouble to deliver it to ourhome.
Thank you and best regards