A little bit about me

During the middle years of my employment I was lucky enough to sell some watercolours through the local art shop. Eventually these were seen by an agent and together we produced a series of limited edition prints. I think these sold reasonably well “at concessionary rates” and anyway it sounded good saying “I have an agent”. Whether they were any good, I'm not quite sure!
By this time, increased pressure at work led to difficulty in keeping up any consistency in the production of work and I think the quality started to drop off. I was running out of time and energy and over the last 5 years or so; stopped completely.

Now however, retirement has occurred and with skirting boards, doors and ceilings dutifully re-decorated, grass cut etc., I am now trying to get back into my pictures.

I have concentrated on watercolours for the moment as I feel these are where I stand the best chances of getting reasonable results, but would like to widen horizons by trying a few oils.

This I hope will allow me to widen my subject scope. We'll see!