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"We received the painting fine today - we love it! It's everything we hoped for, thank you so much!! We weren't 100% where it would go, and in the end we chose a spot in our bedroom (which has been crying out for some colour!) over our chest of drawers and it fits the space perfectly. Also, it directly faces the bed, so it will get plenty of viewing as we fall asleep gazing at it (and lazy weekend lie-ins) - we think it has a real dream-like quality :-) It certainly brings the room to life... Who knows, maybe if we manage to save up again we might invest in another commission in the future...?"
Martin and Annalisa, Leicestershire 24th May 2014
['Deer Darling' by Derrick Fielding]

"Just to let you know the painting arrived safely on Saturday and it's perfect. Thank you so much for the cards as well, an unexpected treat I loved the chair the moment I saw it as I have one just like it. Got my eye on several more of your paintings as I really love your style."
Linda, Yorkshire 16th April 2014
['Old Leather Armchair' by Laura Wilson]

"I have received the wonderful picture thank you so much! It came really well packaged and in perfect condition. I completely loved the painting on the first glance and was really worried it was going to get snapped up by someone. I think it is the colours, the simplicity and the movement I loved. It's really unusual. This one will be for me to keep, because of my initial reaction and I want to brighten my room! Thank you for painting it."
Louise, St. Albans 16th April 2014
['Hovering Kingfisher' by Laura Wilson]

"I've just received the wonderful print, it's beautiful and I'm so happy with it. I can't wait to give it to my mum-in-law in a couple of weeks when we will be going down to celebrate her 70th birthday. I'll take a walk over to the Square and Compass and enjoy the real view too! I think I'm going to have to order one for myself, but that'll have to wait. Thank you very much for the greeting cards, a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for all your help and efficient service - it's been a real pleasure!"
Helen, Reading, Berkshire 11th February 2014
['Purbeck Countryside Near Worth Matravers II' by Jacqui Slade]

"We asked Jan to do a painting in memory of something very dear. With care and compassion Jan created a painting exceeding our expectations. It is very difficult to show how grateful we are for the beautiful work you have created. Thank you very much."
Tracy, Alsager, Cheshire 1st February 2014
['' by Jan Calderwood]

"I have got the painting ok, will look good alongside the other one after it's framed.
Thanks for the good communication throughout."
Adrian, Cheshire 21st January 2014
['Socks in the City' by Derrick Fielding]

"Thank you for my painting which I will treasure. I will let you know when it's in pride of place! Thanks also the accompanied paperwork which is excellent."
Steve, Banstead 10th January 2014
['View of Dorking from Box Hill' by Jacqui Slade]

"I have just received my painting. I love it. It arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with people like me who wish we could paint like you!"
Kathryn, Gwent 6th January 2014
['Cardigan Bay' by Marlene Snee]

"Painting received! It looks absolutely fabulous - I love it. Thank you!"
Sarah, Kent 28th October 2013
['You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man' by Derrick Fielding]

"We have received the painting and it's really lovely, thank you very much. If you have others of the area, please send photos as we love Mudeford and would buy some more. Great packaging too."
Jeanette, Palmers Green, London 12th October 2013
['Mudeford Quay with Fishing Boat and Dinghy Park' by Jacqui Slade]

"I received the print, thank you, and I'm very happy with it - it is so surreal, I just love it. Well done, you! You truly are extremely talented!"
Rachael, Walsall 18th August 2013
['Taking the Fish for a Walk' by Jane Daniell]

"All received fine and its now being framed. It looks fantastic and I am sure my friends will love it. Thanks ever so much!"
Ben, Andover, Hampshire 6th August 2013
['Mudeford Quay Boat Park II' by Jacqui Slade]

"Thanks again for the painting of Tenby harbour which was bought as a gift and hangs in the recipient's home. They love it!"
Jon, Teddington 5th July 2013
['Tenby Harbour' by Laura Wilson]

"Just a note to say the painting arrived today and is lovely - thanks. Thanks so much for the cards too - a great way of showcasing your work, and they will be heading off to special people from me. Loved the wee watercolour you wrote on too."
Anne, Scotland 5th July 2013
['Seascape 1' by Laura Wilson]

"I have it already! Thank you; that was very fast.
It's actually for a colleague of mine who is retiring. I've just shown it to the rest of my team and we all agree it's beautiful and she will love it. Thanks again!
Victoria, Surrey 18th March 2013
['Walk on the Beach' by Demi Lang]

"The print has arrived safely, thank you. It has a prominent position in our sitting room. My wife and I were brought to Mini Gallery by a solitude greeting card, which she bought at Waterstones. We are very pleased with the giclee print. We hadn't anticipated such high quality, the colours are beautifully rich and deep."
Ben, Surbiton 3rd March 2013
['Solitude' by Laura Wilson]

"The painting is awesome and hung on the wall, it has really become the focal point of the front room and my wife and I find ourselves staring at it all the time. It is amazing how the colours and shades change during the day and our little girl takes great delight whilst pointing at the picture.
We both really appreciate the work and time involved and can't wait to visit the gallery one day, until then all the best and thanks again."
Lewis, Christchurch, New Zealand 6th January 2013
['Winter's Morn, River Avon, Christchurch' by Derrick Fielding]

"Our print arrived today and it's fantastic, so thank you."
James, Humberside 20th December 2012
['Beyond a Shadow of a Cow' by Derrick Fielding]

"I'm absolutely delighted with 'Flower Power', it is beautifully painted, witty and clever. It was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you Janette."
Suzy, Brentwood 6th December 2012
['Flower Power' by Janette Boskett]

"I have received your painting today & it is lovely. It is for my Mother in Law's 70th birthday as she was brought up there as a little girl. I am sure she will love it & the cards are a lovely idea which I am sure will get used after the Birthday so thank you."
Claire, Kenilworth 2nd November 2012
['View of the Purbecks at Langton Matravers' by Jacqui Slade]

"Just to let you know I received my two paintings this morning: 'Horses Drinking in the River Mole' and 'Bembridge Marina, Isle of Wight'. They arrived safe & sound, very well packaged up indeed. I admit there's always a bit of a concern buying valuable and fragile items like paintings over the internet but in your case I needn't have worried. I would have no doubts at all about buying from you again or about recommending you to other people. The Mini Gallery website you use is very good too. As for the paintings themselves, I have to say they are both really lovely. The Bembridge painting is for me - I love the detail and bright colours in that one - whilst the horses drinking painting is a surprise for my friend's 30th birthday in September. I hope she likes it! I'm sure she will; it was her who put me onto your galleries on the Mini Gallery website initially, and also highlighted that painting as one of those she particularly liked. P.S. Thank you for the greetings cards! Totally unexpected and a very nice touch."
Russell, Fareham, Hampshire 28th September 2012
['Bembridge Marina, Isle of Wight' and 'Horses Drinking in the River Mole' by Jacqui Slade]

"Received this at work yesterday as promised. It arrived safely and it goes without saying it really is quite special. Even before the wrappings had come completely off I heard myself saying out loud the word WOW! Already on my dinning room wall, love it."
Charles, Milton Keynes 28th September 2012
['Warwick Castle - the Mound' by Derrick Fielding]

"Painting still not hung yet, we are considering a few different locations! That's only the second time in my life I've seen my husband teary, so he was definitely impressed!"
Tracy, North Yorkshire 25th September 2012
['Hong Kong Lights' by Derrick Fielding]

"My painting arrived safely this afternoon, thank you. What can I say? It blew me away. It lights up the room when you walk in. You certainly have a magical and special talent."
Linda, Lancashire 6th September 2012
['One Summer Dream' by Derrick Fielding]

"Just purchased 'Shady Ladies' from Janette which mirrors the part of the country in which I live. Beautiful in all the detail and can recommend anyone to the work of this artist."
Colin, Somersby in Lincolnshire 24th August 2012
['Shady Ladies' by Janette Boskett]

"We're delighted with the latest two paintings we've just bought from Janette - 'Inland Waves' and 'Sandsend Stripes' - so well packaged , as usual. They're so clear and colourful. They are a gift for our daughter and son-in-law and would fit any style of decor. We're sure they will like them."
Ros & Stuart, Whitwick, Leicestershire 22nd August 2012
['Inland Waves' and 'Sandsend Stripes' by Janette Boskett]

"We have recently purchased a beautiful drawing by Janette as well as a commissioned oil painting. Janette's work is full of love as well as beauty and she will do whatever she can to ensure you are happy with your purchase. Even better 'in the flesh', you will not tire of her work."
Aleck & Margaret, Leeds 20th August 2012
['Still Life with Oranges & Walnuts' and 'Kitchen Shelf' by Janette Boskett]

"We're delighted with the greetings cards we bought recently. We shall enjoy sending them to special friends who will appreciate Janette's unique work. Always a pleasure to do business with."
Ros & Stuart , Leicestershire 12th August 2012
['4 Slightly Surreal' and '4 Landscapes' by Janette Boskett]

"Delighted to say 'Liberty' has pride of place and looks every inch the statement piece we hoped it would. Janette was also a pleasure to deal with."
Dania, Pontefract 7th August 2012
['Liberty' and 'Freesia Trio' by Janette Boskett]

"I met Demi during an open studio period, Demi's paintings are excellent, tho none were for me. Demi had drawn a picture of her daughters and I asked if she could do one of Molly for me. Nobody could be happier, if you could see the photo Demi drew from, you could compare and see for yourself what a fantastic job she has done. If you ever want a portrait commissioned, then give Demi a call, I promise you will not be disappointed. Demi is extremely talented, the attention to detail is incredible, I can not praise her enough, so come on, go for it and call her up."
Ian, Hampstead Norreys 4th August 2012
['Molly' by Demi Lang]

"You weren't kidding when you said it looked even better in real life!! The word 'WOW' and 'brilliant' have been used a lot this morning. It is absolutely beautiful. It's already up on the wall and perfectly measured into place with a spirit level! Thank you very much from us both. We're hoping we can purchase another painting from you in the future. Thank you also for the cards, we actually mounted and framed the previous four you kindly sent us, and all four have been put on the wall together."
Colin, Essex 20th July 2012
['Warwick Castle - the Mound 2' by Derrick Fielding]

"The painting arrived yesterday afternoon safe and sound. It felt like Xmas came early when we opened it last night. It now has pride of place hanging on my dining room wall. We are over the moon with it, even though it caused some serious arguments as to where it looked best!"
Donna, Aberdeenshire 20th July 2012
['Wonderland' by Derrick Fielding]

"I have just received the etching 'Wishful Thinking' and think it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the lovely print and efficient service!"
Erika, Manchester 26th June 2012
['Wishful Thinking' by Jane Daniell]

"I love this painting. Vivid, just ever so slightly unsettling, it looks even better on my wall than it did in the gallery."
Kate, Whitby 22nd June 2012
['Scrappage' by Janette Boskett]

"Thank you for the speedy delivery of the painting which I love. I also received the complimentary cards which were a nice surprise. Thank you."
Rachel, Weston-super-Mare 24th May 2012
['Retail Therapy (Jack Wills Outfitters in Reigate)' by Jacqui Slade]

"Received today, looks fantastic. Thanks."
Chris, Grantham 14th May 2012
['Rush Hour Grand 4' by Derrick Fielding]

"The print arrived Friday lunch time, very well wrapped! We are very pleased with the print and hope to add to our collection as your new prints come available."
David, Hampshire 28th April 2012
['Warwick Castle - the Mound' by Derrick Fielding]

"Just received 'Escape' from Janette, and I am delighted! This is the third painting I have purchased from Janette: her artwork and ideas are wonderful, and I get so much pleasure from looking at her work on my walls. Thank you so much, Janette - can't wait to see what you paint next!"
Lesley, Banbury 26th April 2012
['Escape' by Janette Boskett]

"That painting looks amazing on the office wall."
Sarah, London 13th April 2012
['Just Another Winters Tale' by Derrick Fielding]

"We've received the cards, they are great."
Colin, Essex 4th April 2012
['4 Fine Art Greeting Cards - Spring/summer' by Derrick Fielding]

"Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the print; what a very thought provoking subject and one very rarely touched on, that's why it appealed to me."
Colin, Dunstable 1st March 2012
['Lost Love II' by Jacqui Slade]

"My son bought me this picture for Christmas as I had often admired Laura's work. She framed it for me beautifully, and the picture looks quite stunning. My sister, (she lives in Wiltshire) who is an art historian and lectures for the Open University said she thought it was very good indeed and an excellent purchase. I am not an art expert myself, but I know what I like, and this picture certainly ticks all the boxes, I love it!!"
Jan, Bedfont, Middlesex 24th January 2012
['A Venice Backwater' by Laura Wilson]

"Your painting arrived today in perfect condition so many thanks. Buying art via the internet is a gamble. Although I trusted your work would look better in real life than on the internet.
You have not let us down Derrick. The painting is better than on Mini Gallery! We both love the painting and now we just have to find a place to hang it. Your work and your talent blows me away.
I keep revisiting the room where we have temporarily placed the painting.
I love the eyes on the birds! Your painting is a like a little world that you can escape to. We are both very excited to be proud owners of our first Derrick Fielding painting!"
Linda, Germany 12th January 2012
['Why Can't Cats and Birds Be Friends Dad?' by Derrick Fielding]

"Thank you so much for this wonderful painting! You've perfectly captured the expression and character of each of my dogs. It is so lifelike I almost feel I could stroke them!"
Josie, Stornoway 31st December 2011
['Abbie, Millie & Hugo' by Seonaid Clarke]

"Just to confirm that the painting has arrived. We are very pleased with it. It will go beautifully in our lounge."
Duncan, Kent 22nd December 2011
['' by Judith Webb]

"I picked up my purchase from Laura earlier today - got home unwrapped the painting and let me tell you, it took my breath away. I've wanted this painting for about 3 years now just never had either the finances or the space and during this week I made the sale and now its sitting proudly on my wall. I think everyone should own at least one painting or print by Laura. I feel so proud to finally own the one main painting I wanted and it's funny that after all this time it hadn't sold like it was waiting for me to take it home :0) Thank you for being so talented and making me and my wall very happy :0) Happy holidays!"
Christine, Surrey 10th December 2011
['A Venice Backwater' by Laura Wilson]

"When my family and I were on a Christmas shopping weekend in London, I saw for the first time the artwork from Eamonn and loved it. We bought some small artworks which we could carry home to Denmark on the airplane. After we got home, we decided to buy the piece "Tower Bridge on Black". The artwork was delivered safely from London to Denmark with no problems at all. Just like others write, dealing with Eamonn is a pleasure and his communication and care for safe delivery of his work is superb!"
Marc, Jylland, Denmark 8th December 2011
['Tower Bridge on Black' by Eamonn Ruane]

"Just to say our painting turned up fine today. It is lovely and fits perfectly where we planned. Thanks for sending so promptly."
Rachel, Hampshire 14th September 2011
['The Lighthouse & New Moon' by Demi Lang]

"I have received my print of 'Lobster Pots on Mudeford Quay' safely and I'm delighted with it and the cards also. I would be very interested in any other seaside scenes you do. You are a very talented lady and I would love to be able to paint like this."
Louise, Blackpool, Lancashire 31st August 2011
['Lobster Pots on Mudeford Quay II' by Jacqui Slade]

"I have received the painting and I am very pleased with it, it is very beautiful. I look forward to seeing your future works and I hope to see some soon.
Sarah, Winchester, Hampshire 30th August 2011
['Winter Storm at Low Tide' by Laura Wilson]

"Thank you very much. We stumbled upon your work, whilst honeymooning in the Lakes last week, and loved it straight away. It is the first piece of "proper art" we have bought and it won't be the last from your collection! Congratulations in possessing a great talent and sharing it.

Graham, Lincolnshire 8th August 2011
['Crispy Duck with Winter Veg' by Derrick Fielding]

"I have received my painting in excellent condition. I love it and thank you so much. I will keep your details in case I would like another painting and will definitely pass on your details to anyone who wants a painting."
Cara, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire 16th July 2011
['Winkle Street & Caul Bourne Stream, Isle of Wight' by Jacqui Slade]

"It has arrived and it is perfect! Packing fantastic. I can't wait to get it on my wall."
Yvonne, Bedfordshire 8th July 2011
['Rush Hour Grand 2' by Derrick Fielding]

"I am delighted with my painting from Janette Boskett. I love the originality, creativity and flair of the piece and will spend many hours admiring it. I would definitely buy another from Janette, the difficulty being which one to choose as they are all fantastic!"
Helen, Northallerton 24th June 2011
['Careless Transit' by Janette Boskett]

"The painting arrived safely today and looks great. They're always better in real life compared to the small pictures on the net. Many thanks for your time and help with this. I look forward to meeting you again some time."
Dominic, Essex 6th June 2011
['Whisper of the Waves' by Derrick Fielding]

"Wow! Jane, the picture is perfect. Beautiful! Thank you so much."
Angela, Chessington 11th May 2011
['The Fishing Trip' by Jane Daniell]

"Painting arrived safely, look great & can't wait to get it on the wall."
Geraint, Southampton 17th April 2011
['Repaired' by Janette Boskett]

"This is the third painting I've bought from Laura - it arrived quickly and safely as usual, and is as lovely as I hoped it would be."
Anne, Moffat 15th April 2011
['Misty Seashore' by Laura Wilson]

"My painting arrived quickly and safely - and it's as beautiful as I hoped it would be! Thank you."
Anne, Moffat 15th April 2011
['Over the Hills and Far Away' by Hazel Semple]

"We received the painting this morning and it's beautiful thank you."
Genevieve, Hampshire 6th April 2011
['Setting Sun' by Judith Webb]

"It arrived today. It is fantastic, I love it! Many, many thanks!!"
Catherine, Kent 23rd March 2011
['Where the Poetic Champions Compose' by Derrick Fielding]

"The paintings are in our living room!!! Paintings arrived this afternoon, in excellent condition and we feel very happy about our choice. We appreciate your art and your way you handled our order. We will be visiting your gallery in the future and we wish you all the best."
Dimitris and Natalia, Greece 28th January 2011
['Dinner Party to Celebrate' and 'Early Morning Riders' by Judith Webb]

"I love Eamonn's work. He is a master with his bright color schemes. I bought a lion painting from him many years ago and was ecstatic when I came across his work again. I love his work so much I have purchased several pieces and even commissioned one for a friend who loved the piece."
Mona, USA 16th January 2011
['Elephant Family', 'Looking Good' and 'Blue Elephant' by Eamonn Ruane]

"After admiring Janette's work for some time, I've finally taken delivery of 'Quintet' and am absolutely delighted. The painting is fabulous, delivery was speedy, packaging was the best I've seen and the Mini Gallery picture of it is a totally true representation. Thanks so much."
Gloria 10/12/2010 ['Quintet' by Janette Boskett]

"At last I have been able to look at your pictures; they are lovely! Whilst caring for my Mum I showed her prints from Hiroshige's Views of Edo and now I can see 'The Fishing Trip' in the flesh, it is much nicer than Hiroshige, I think. I am so glad to have it!"
Corinna 03/12/2010 ['Ice Mast High' and 'The Fishing Trip' by Jane Daniell]

"Thank you Tina for the canvas you painted for us. The tree looks looks absolutely stunning and the colours are fantastic. A big thank you also for your regular updates and excellent communication whilst you were in the process of painting it. We will definitely be recommending you to other people."
Claire and Rob, Hertfordshire 20/11/2010
['Home is Where The Heart Is' by Tina Ashton]

"We have just received two more paintings by Tina Ashton, we have just purchased 'The Tree of Strength' and it is absolutely magnificent and stunning. The internet pictures do not do it justice, the colours are fantastic and the quality is excellent. We also received 'Love and all its warmth' which are very unusual pieces which look fantastic in our hallway. Tina's customer service skills are second to none, but more importantly her artwork is outstanding."
Colin, Essex 12/11/2010

"Tina has made my first original art purchase such an enjoyable experience. Her vibrant and refreshing style really caught my eye, and the use of colour is magical. I am thrilled with my painting and will be looking out for more of Tina's work in the future. Super helpful and super talented."
Thomas, Hertfordshire 04/11/2010 ['How Far Will My Love Go?' by Tina Ashton]

"Just to say thank you sending me the painting so promptly - it is already hung in my kitchen and looks great! Hope to buy another sometime! Love the red canvases! Your artistic style is right up my street!"
Lisa 28/10/2010 ['One Of The Three' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"We couldn't resist buying another of Janette Boskett's paintings - 'Northern Dawn'. We're again delighted with our purchase which fits in so well with our other paintings. As usual we received efficient, friendly service and the painting arrived well packaged and within 24 hours of being dispatched."
Ros & Stuart, Leicestershire 26/10/2010

"Received the painting today - I'm really happy with it! Thanks for prompt delivery and packaging it very well!"
Jemma, Essex 20/10/2010 ['Cherry Blossom' by Tina Ashton]

"Safely received. Absolutely stunning."
Nick 16/10/2010 ['Daffodils' by Jan Pursey-Grange]

"Thank you so much! I'm really loving the painting !!! It's brilliant."
Debbie, Cambridge 04/10/2010 ['Flash of Inspiration' by Tina Ashton]

"Hi there!! It's here!! And it's a beauty!! It was love at first site, when I saw it on the site, but having it here! Wow! It really is something else!! When I first saw it, I felt peace, but it gives you more than that. It is a very powerful painting, that releases a feeling of surety, self - confidence, protection and an "I am here to stay" feeling !!Wow!! We clearly belong together! Thank you for such a careful packaging, and for the best of communication! I am sure we will be contacting again soon! Till then my best wishes for creativity and inspiration!"
Eugenia, Athens, Greece 21/09/2010
[ 'Moonshadows' by Tina Ashton]

"Thank you Tina, your painting arrived yesterday safe and sound. It was everything I had hoped for and more! The speed and quality of your services are very impressive indeed and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thank you once again."
Ewa, Hertfordshire 17/09/2010
['Let Autumn Begin' by Tina Ashton]

"It's arrived and I absolutely love it! Love it so much that when my husband saw my face he has giving it to me now . We just spent half an hour finding just the right spot to hang it , we had to shift a lot of other paintings around . Only thing is there is now a space crying out for one of your trees , will save up for one later next year . Also thank you for the card, I have a special friend I will send it to when it's her birthday as I think she will love your art too ."
Loretta, Hampshire 15/09/2010
['Through the Heather' by Tina Ashton]

"The paintings arrived as promised yesterday morning! They are fabulous and they are already on my walls. (It's like a Tina Ashton gallery here). I had some friends over today for lunch and they were all admiring you lovely work! So I'm really chuffed and proud. Anyway Tina, I guess this is goodbye. It's been lovely corresponding with you back and forth, it's like we've always known each other! We really appreciate all the work you've done for us, so thank you again.
Heather, Essex 04/09/2010
[Commissions 'Our Family' and 'Our Tree Family' by Tina Ashton]

"I have just received my painting 'The Tree of Good Fortune' by Tina Ashton and it is already on the wall. It looks fantastic and we are very pleased with our purchase. We had not previously ordered art on the internet and were not sure what to expect, but Tina has provided an excellent service from start to finish. Thank you very much Tina."
Colin, Essex 24/08/2010

"We have purchased before from Janette Boskett and love her work. We commissioned a picture with our favourite view from Whitby to Sandsend. We took photographs and visited Janette to discuss format size etc. We viewed a pencil drawing first before the painting went ahead. The finished result is stunning. The whole experience was enjoyable and by the way Janette bakes a wicked cake."
Sally and David 19/08/2010

"It is so beautiful. Thank you for taking the extra time and care to send it on it's journey to America. The clors you used match the room it will be in and it will go well with my hanging Wedgwood collector plates I brought back from England 35 years ago. You are a wonderful artist and I will keep an eye on your site to see the other works of art you create. What a wonderful gift you have! Thank you again."
JP, Massachusetts 16/08/2010 ['English Country Garden' by Jane Kay]

"It is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to get home to hang it. I love the movement and the colour - it makes me smile just to look at it!"
Alison 02/08/2010 ['Cherish' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the painting you produced for us, at very short notice. Philip loved the painting, and I have to say I think it's wonderful and exceeded my expectations as to how I thought it would look. It captured the best parts of Leeds, and I'm sure it will look lovely in his study."
Katie 29/07/2010 ['Leeds Composite' commission by Griff Griffiths]

"I chose your lovely painting as an anniversary gift for my husband. You have many nice pieces on the website (I found this website a few years ago and have bought a few pieces through it). The painting arrived safely today and it's as lovely as I thought it would be - thanks very much for sending so quickly and so nicely wrapped. It will be the perfect gift. I'll now keep a watchful eye on your pages on the website for other pieces in future!"
Anne 20/07/2010 ['Storm Over Cottage, Fanore Beach' by Laura Wilson]

"Many thanks for safe arrival of your perfect artwork."
Bryan, Southampton 10/07/2010 ['Mudeford Quay and The Black House' by Jacqui Slade]

"They arrived yesterday. Thank you , I love them! I bought them for my daughter and one for our Godchild, they are beautiful! Thank you."
Kate 26/06/2010 ['Starry Starry Night' by Jane Daniell]

"Just to let you know that I received the print in perfect order and am thrilled with it as I am sure my friends will be who it is for. Thank you for your wonderful service."
Gill, Royston, Hertfordshire 21/06/2010
['Mudeford Quay and The Black House' by Jacqui Slade]

" 'Eight More Marbles' are lovely. Even better than they look in your gallery. The colours are vivid and they look just like they have been thrown onto the canvas. Many thanks."
Vanessa 21/6/2010 [painting by by Nicki Rosetti]

"Just to confirm we received our painting yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! We love the colours and textures. Thanks for such a speedy service. I'll be in touch in the not too distant future as we may be interested in a commission. Many thanks again."
Kirsten 09/06/2010 ['Chocolate Cream' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"I have received 'Summer Mist ' and love it! I hope to buy more of your work in the not too distant future. Many thanks."
07/06/2010 [painting by Brenda Newton]

"It's been such a pleasure to work with you on this special painting for my husband on our Wedding Day. From my first enquiry it's been so easy and you've kept me up to date through every stage of the process. I felt really free to make comments and have input where I wanted and any comments I made were received really well, meaning the finished painting came out absolutely perfectly! A big thank you for all your work in creating this gorgeous gift for Tom, I know he'll really love it."
Emily, Hertfordshire 02/06/2010
['One Beautiful and Perfect Whole' commission by Tina Ashton]

"I have purchased two beautiful paintings from Tina Ashton. I got 'Pink meet Blue' in March, it arrived to Ireland promptly and was packaged safely. It looks amazing in our home. I just received 'Open your Heart' today, the colours are fantastic. Really happy with both pictures and I can't wait to buy more!!"
Jen, County Kildare 01/06/2010

"Thank you for your delightful 'Coastal Cottages' painting. It arrived safe and sound on Friday. We were immediately attracted to it by the lovely sweep away brush strokes above the cottages going into the background. We have lots of art but this small piece holds it own and is a pleasure to look at."
Phil and Cailine 23/05/2010 [artwork by Laura Wilson]

"Very happy with the painting, it is even better than the website image. We have bought it for an 80th birthday present for someone who has a passion for woodlands and bluebells, so absolutely perfect."
EW, Merseyside 19/05/2010 ['Bluebell Mist' by Jane Kay]

"The painting which I ordered has been delivered safely and would like to thank you for your prompt service and customer care shown and to also say that the painting has exceeded my expectations and clearly you are a very talented artist. Thank you very much."
ES, Aviemore 18/05/2010 ['Sweet Dreams' by Jane Kay]

"We received the paintings today and they are fantastic - thanks loads."
15/05/2010 ['Apple Blossom Time' and 'Autumn Canopy' by Brenda Newton]

"I bought 'In the Spotlight' by Tina Ashton. Stunning piece of art which I am now the proud owner of. Arrived quickly and safely. Thank you Tina."
Nicola 14/05/2010

"Just to let you know I had a call from my father to say the picture arrived safely - well packaged, and he is delighted with it, as I am with the print."
Helen 07/05/2010 [artwork by Erica Sturla]

"Hello, I just wanted to say how much I love 'Building Blocks'! It arrived today and is beautiful - thank you for painting it!"
03/05/2010 [painting by Brenda Newton]

"I found it very easy and the artist, David Cowden, a gentleman and more than pleased to help.
The best thing of course is that you do not have to pay 50% commission to the gallery."
Andy 01/05/2010

"Just a quick email to let you know that the commission has arrived today and it is fab - we are over the moon with it. Thanks for all your help."
Nerys 28/04/2010 [artwork by Erica Sturla]

"We have just received our latest purchase from Janette Boskett - two complementary prints this time, 'Incoming Tide' and 'Fall'. They arrived in 24 hours and in perfect condition. We are delighted with them, and with their amusing titles they will be a great talking point. The two paintings we bought last year, 'Ellis Bell' and 'Retrospective', give us much pleasure and are admired by all who see them. We presented another of Janette's paintings 'Salt Breeze' to my wife's sister and husband when they returned to this country after living abroad, much to their delight."
Ros and Stuart 07/04/2010

" 'Thinker's Beach' is lovely and even better than it looked on the website. Ordering was very easy and the painting arrived within 48 hours, very nicely and safely wrapped. Thanks very much."
Rebecca 03/04/2010 [painting by Laura Wilson]

"We received the painting today and we love it, the colours blend in with the room so well and the painting just captures everything. We will take some photo's and send you them. Once again thank you very much for creating such a wonderful piece of art for us. Hope our friends enjoy it and want to order too. Many thanks once again Tina."
Tricia & Garry, Hampshire 01/04/2010
[Commission 'Now That We're In Love Again' by Tina Ashton]

"My paintings arrived today ['60lb Carp' and 'In Deep Water' by Vicky Mount] I already knew the carp, the new painting is fantastic, I already own your sun street, a painting everybody comments on, I love it, your work is very unique, I feel privileged to own some of your works, thank you."
Neil 23/03/2010

"Just to let you know that your print arrived and I really love it!"
Jenny 22/03/2010 ['Seduction' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"Just wanted to say the print of 'Mudeford Quay Boat Park' [by Jacqui Slade] is just as good as I thought it would be. Also thanks for the extra cards, a really nice touch. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."
Jenny 17/03/2010

"Just to let you know the paintings arrived safely this morning. We have already hung them and they look stunning. Thanks again."
Richard 17/03/2010 ['Metropolis' & 'Red Metropolis III' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"I have just received my painting, it's stunning!!!! Thank you so much."
Lea 12/03/2010 ['Fading Light' by Nicki Rosetti]

"Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely painting - it is the perfect gift for Mother's Day and I know my Mum will love it! I'm moving into my first home soon so shall definitely be back to find something to brighten the walls - I love the texture of your paintings, they've got so much character."
Carly 11/03/2010 ['Three Little Poppies' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"Many thanks for the wonderful watercolour painting, and the certificate of authenticity detailing the history of the pub. I gave the painting to Mike and he was over the moon with it! Again many thanks and please stay in touch."
Steve 09/03/2010
[Commission 'The Running Horses at Mickleham, with Fireside Snug' by Jacqui Slade]

"The picture ['New Moon' by Janice McGloine] arrived this morning and it is brilliant. Love your work. We have three cats at the moment and now we have two more. Thank you very much."
Margaret 09/03/2010

"Thank you for sending me the pictures. They are lovely. Have a nice weekend."
Catherine 06/03/2010 ['Nude Back I & II' by Jackie Whall]

"Have just purchased 4 prints of the North Yorkshire Landscapes by Janette Boskett. Excellent package and 24hr delivery. The two I have just given a friend are already on her wall. I doubt that I will be able to part with the others as I had planned. I will be on the look out for more of Janette's work."
Jennie 20/02/2010

"Just to let you know I received the painting and very nice it is too."
Tony 01/02/2010 ['As The Sun Goes Down' by Judith Webb]

"We just received the drawing 'Roseberry Topping' by the artist Janette Boskett at home in Switzerland. The drawing had been perfectly packed. We are very satisfied with the delivery!
This drawing will always remind us of two wonderful holidays, spent in Yorkshire May 08 and August 09! We liked the Moors very much and Roseberry Topping was a welcomed landmark, when touring around. Janette, thank you very much indeed!"
Lotti & Klaus 31/01/2010

"Another excellent piece from Eamonn Ruane arrived superbly delivered this morning. 'Cat Nap' is a further striking acrylic work, and takes my collection to 8. All Eamonn's work has pride of place in my house and as well as providing me with great pleasure, they are always commented on by visitors who also enjoy his unusual and striking works. Eamonn's work is always impressive, and this piece is no exception. Dealing with Eamonn is always a pleasure and his communication and care for safe delivery of his work is superb."
Eddie 13/01/2010

"I have just received for Christmas a very special surprise, another painting by Janette Boskett. The painting 'Shady Ladies' reminds my husband and I of our last visit to Grinkle Lodge. I just love the colours and the detail that Janette brings into her artwork. We now have several paintings by Janette and are busy clearing more wall space in our home for future purchases. The whole purchasing process is so easy and very personal. All paintings are securely packaged and delivered promptly."
Jill 31/12/2009

"My painting arrived, really well wrapped and protected on the day as promised. Its fantastic, looks pretty spectacular on my wall. Katy was really quick to contact me and negotiated a price we were both happy with. This is a great website for accessing original art work and it's on my list of favourite sites. We have just moved house so will be looking for pieces for my walls as I decorate around the house."
Clare 16/12/2009 [painting by Katy Bason-Healey]

"Received the picture this morning at 7.30am. I am thrilled with it and am sure my husband will be come Christmas. Thank you so much for your prompt attention. Hope to be in touch sometime in the summer. Thanks once again.
Mary 12/12/2009 ['Branthwaite Brow' by Janice McGloine]

"Thank you SO SO much - it is delightful and I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled! You have captured them all so well and I love the addition of a touch of our curtains (which are very special curtains - our Christmas present last year!) I really couldn't be more pleased and now can't wait til Christmas. I shall be bursting with excitement like a little kid! Many many thanks again - I can't wait to give it to Jules on the day."
Sally 11/12/2009 [' Molly & Friends' pet dogs commission by Dianne Heap]

"I am absolutely delighted with my first Janette Boskett painting "fragile". I have been a fan since I first saw her work and not only is the subject matter quirky and thought provoking but the detail of the painting is also stunning. The purchase process and communication was first class and I even had the painting hand delivered. Your picture will take centre stage in our new front room!!"
Steven 03/12/2009

"Thank you for sending through the picture it has arrived in perfect condition and is really beautiful I am very pleased with it."
Debbie, Aberdeen 30/11/2009 ['Across to Sundown Woods' by Tina Ashton]

"We have just received 2 prints by Janette Boskett which we love they are for Christmas presents. The order was sent promptly and packaged securely. Already the proud owner of an original and saving for another. Love her style especially of the area where we live the North Yorkshire Moors and Heartbeat country."
Sally and David 24/11/2009

"Just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived today safe and sound. I really love it, it's so beautiful. We are going to put it up in the hall where everyone will see it."
Helen 17/11/2009 ['Shades of Autumn' by Judith Webb]

"Just collected my fourth Janette Boskett artwork (two originals, two prints). Addicted to her unique take on situations. Expecting even greater works from Janette in 2010, now she is no longer 'a struggling artist'. Packaging and delivery service is as thoughtful as the artwork."
Roger 12/11/2009

"Have just purchased a print from Janette Boskett ('Incoming Tide') I am very impressed... it is superb. Quick delivery, extremely well packed and good communication, thank you Janette!"
Angie 15/10/2009

"I received my painting this morning - once again beautiful, very talented artist. Thanks."
Julie 14/10/2009 ['Autumn by the Lake' by Dianne Heap]

"The painting arrived today and I've just opened it. It's great. Better "in the flesh" than viewing online. Thanks very much for the fast shipping and delivery. Thanks again."
A. Boyd, Arizona 08/10/2009 ['View From the Hills' by Jane Kay]

"Have received both pictures safe and sound and extremely well packaged, so many thanks. They both look fantastic, and am looking forward to hanging them this evening."
Eddie 8/10/2009
['The Tree of Happiness' and 'Meet Me At Our Favourite Tree' by Tina Ashton]

"Just to let you know that the paintings arrived this morning safe and sound. I had to go back in to work tonight so my husband hung them and they are absolutely fantastic. We are both delighted with them and they really make the room. Thank you again for all your efforts and for producing such amazing work. We hope to appreciate them for a long time to come.
Monica 02/10/2009 ['Hung Out to Dry' and 'Occupants' by Victoria Stanway]

"I have just purchased 'Tuscan Blue Hillside B' by Peter Gander. It is a really lovely painting that will remind me of holidays in Italy. Great service from the artist. Quick, friendly and interesting. I always like to learn a bit about the artist I'm buying from. Good website too. Thanks!"
Elizabeth 02/10/2009

"Thank you so much for producing my beautiful painting. I absolutely LOVE IT!! You really managed to capture exactly what I imagined and how I felt just via one phone call and a couple of emails!! I can't wait for everyone to see it!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and you made the whole process fun and exciting! Thanks again!"
Rachel, Crewe 30/09/2009 ['Lucky We're In Love' by Tina Ashton]

"I received the painting ['Footbridge, Lower Slaughter' by Jacqui Slade] and it is beautiful thank you! The frame does indeed look lovely and the note cards are a super accompaniment. We are all sure Renee will love it and cannot wait to present it to her later today. Many huge thanks once again!"
Jennie, Swindon, Wiltshire 22/09/2009

"Painting received in perfect condition - it looks fantastic! Thank you very much for being so efficient and providing such a wonderful, enduring painting. I'll be keeping an eye on the website!"
Freya 16/09/2009
['Marbles' commission by Nicki Rosetti]

"Picked it up on Saturday, its sooo beautiful we both love it (my husband especially - very surprised!) We have taken it to the framers and are having a beautiful new frame put on it so it will look even more fantastic."
Eloise 15/09/2009 ['Wild Garden' by Carole King]

"Just wanted to let you know I have received all 3 paintings now and my husband and I are really pleased with them all. Thanks for all your messages and keeping me up to date. I shall keep an eye out for any other paintings of yours that I think will go well in my home, and I wish you all the best."
Karen 07/09/2009
['Poppies Galore', 'Summer Poppies', 'Cornfields at Soham' by Barbara Harlow]

"Great Brenda - have put up the painting up today and it really brings the room together."
Claire 07/09/2009 ['From the Forest Floor' by Brenda Newton]

"Wonderful, thank you! Your work is exquisite, particularly your Siamese. I can't wait to receive it and hang it in a place of honor in my home."
Melinda 06/09/2009 ['Siamese Cat & Poppies' print by Dianne Heap]

"I just thought I'd email to say thank you for sending the painting through. I love it, it's reminiscent of many a beach holiday with my sisters when we were little."
Lorna 07/09/2009 ['Puddling' by Nicki Rosetti]

"Just to let you know that painting arrived today, thank you. I'm very pleased with it. It will be up for sale in this gallery later in the year - I have a lot of redecoration to do in September - and no doubt I'll be back to you for more."
Linda 31/08/2009 ['Sunlit Glade' by Brenda Newton]

"Your painting arrived yesterday ['Summer Poppies' by Barbara Harlow]. I am so pleased with it, it is truly lovely. I love it so much I have just ordered 'Poppies Galore'. Thanks so much."
Karen 17/08/2009

"I just gave Sandra the picture - there were tears of joy! You've done it again, it's stunning! Thanks so much again."
Ross, Stornoway 06/08/2009 ['Daniel & Luke 2009' by Seonaid Clarke]

"Painting arrived the next day - thank you. Bride and groom had fantastic day. They (and I) loved the painting and they cannot wait to get it framed. Thank you for your help in meeting the timescale and for your lovely artwork."
J. Perring 20/07/2009 ['The Parsonage', commission by Jane Kay via Mini Gallery]

"First time buyer but it will not be the last. Really delighted with your two paintings: 'Ican' and 'Escape' pencil sketch. I love them and looking forward to choosing the frame for the pencil sketch. Many thanks for sending everything so carefully packed too. Very professional."
Sandra 20/07/2009 [paintings by Janette Boskett]

"I have given the watercolour painting and giclée prints to the family and they are all absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much."
Jackie 18/07/2009 ['Burford Bridge Hotel, At the Foot of Box Hill' by Jacqui Slade]

" 'Fine Feathers' arrived today and I love it thank you."
Julie 14/07/2009 [painting by Brenda Newton]

"I have just received the paintings. They are beautiful and I am very happy with them. I shall certainly be visiting your gallery again."
05/07/2009 ['A Taste of Summer' and 'The Almond Tree #2' by Brenda Newton]

"Arrived today and I love it! Framed and on the wall already! Thanks again."
Catherine 24/06/2009 ['Siamese Cat' by Dianne Heap]

"The painting arrived yesterday, thanks it's great."
Rachael 21/06/2009 ['Afternoon Nap' by Dianne Heap]

"The paintings arrived today - thank you very much. They are absolutely beautiful."
16/06/2009 ['Autumn Morning' and 'Blowing in the Wind' by Brenda Newton]

"I have fallen in love with the watercolour 'Who Me?' that I have now ordered from your gallery, it is so like our boy. I absolutely love so many of your works of art I'm sure to be in touch again soon. It arrived safely on Saturday, we are absolutely over the moon with the painting it's wonderful, and thanks for the prompt dispatch."
Marcelle 11/06/2009 ['Who Me?' by Dianne Heap]

"Received the paintings and absolute loved them! They look much better in reality than on the online gallery :-) The packaging was perfect as well... arrived safely. Thank you for this."
Soteroula, Cyprus 10/06/2009 ['Breaking the Routine' by Victoria Stanway]

"It is absolutely great, she is going to really love it! Thanks so much for everything, it has been a pleasure dealing with you."
Marion 08/06/2009 ['Waiting for Harriet' by Vicky Mount]

"We are really delighted with our painting 'Ellis Bell' by Janette Boskett which arrived safely, very well packaged. It fits in perfectly with our more "conventional" pictures and antiques. Being a member of The Brontë Society and knowing that part of Yorkshire so well it is of particular significance. It will give us years of pleasure. We are now deciding which of Janette's pictures to buy next."
Ros & Stuart, Leicestershire 07/06/2009

"All arrived safe and sound I love it. Thanks."
Simon 01/06/2009 ['Autumn in the New Forest' by Judith Webb]

"The painting is amazing! Thank you so very much my mom will love it. Thank you so much it is exactly what we wanted and it looks so much like him."
Sian 30/05/2009 ['Midnite' black cat commission by Dianne Heap]

"Just to let you know that 'The Almond Tree' arrived safely with me this morning. It is absolutely wonderful, thank you so very much."
Richard 28/05/2009 [painting by Brenda Newton]

"Just to let you know that the sheep have arrived safely! They are absolutely beautiful, thank-you so much."
Richard and Fiona 27/05/2009 ['Sheep' by Dianne Heap]

"My order arrived safe and well, many thanks - the paintings are fantastic!
Take care and keep at it!"
Lynn 26/05/2009 ['On Top of the World' and 'My Family' by Dianne Heap]

"The painting arrived safely this morning. I'm delighted with it and will very much enjoy having it hang on my wall. Many thanks for packing it so well and for the notelets - very much appreciated."
Lesley, Banbury 23/05/2009
['Lychgate to Mottistone Church, Isle of Wight' by Jacqui Slade]

"Received the 'Tulips' this morning. I am happy to say it is perfect. The images are super. Packaging was excellent too. So many thanks, will browse a bit more at your work when I get time."
Elaine 20/05/2009 [artwork by Julie Routley]

"Well I said it wouldn't be long before I bought some more of Eamonn Ruane's excellent work. A further 3 pieces ('Italian Rhino', which really makes me smile, 'Red Leo' which is visually very striking, and 'Indian Elephant' which is simply stunning in terms of quality, colour pattern and scale) have just been delivered and as usual, not only are the paintings of the highest quality, but also Eamonn's communication, flexibility and exceptional packaging to ensure they reach customers in tip top condition has been outstanding. I love Eamonn's work, and would highly recommend him to anyone who has an eye for the strikingly different in their artwork. Many thanks indeed Eamonn and keep up the great work."
Eddie 15/05/2009

"We received the picture in good time - it was for my brother's birthday, he is the man who has everything and he loved it, it arrived beautifully wrapped and it's a lovely picture... you've made a 32 year old man who has everything very happy... and I was delighted thank you."
02/05/2009 ['Mountain Cottages, Dingle Peninsular' by Laura Wilson]

"Having just purchased my second Eamonn Ruane picture 'Hard Day at Work', I have to say once again how pleased I am, not only with the superb quality of work Eamonn produces, but also his customer service which is of the highest standard. Won't be too long before another order."
Eddie 22/04/2009

"WOW - looks great in my collection a fabulous piece of work thank you very much Janette. Arrived safely without any issues. An artist I am sure who will not fail to impress.
Ian 20/04/2009 ['Fall' by Janette Boskett]

"Demi Lang's watercolour of Tenby has arrived, swiftly and well packaged. And it's lovely. So much more depth and subtlety than on the website but with all the charm and atmosphere. I wasn't sure what buying a painting online would be like but Demi has made it both personal and effective. Thank you!"
Catherine 17/04/2009

"I have to say how delighted I am with my recent purchase of 'Medium Hippo' by Eamonn Ruane. Not only is the painting itself of the highest quality, but also Eamonn's communication throughout the transaction has been first class, as has his attention to detail in ensuring the painting arrived in immaculate condition. Great artist, great site, highLY recommend to anyone purchasing original art on line. I will be back."
Eddie 17/04/2009

"Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with your two paintings: 'Overstretched' and 'Shabby Chic' which my father and husband treated me to for my 40th birthday. I love them, and they have brought me so much pleasure already and I will enjoy them for many years to come. Many thanks for sending everything so carefully packed too."
Lesley 11/04/2009 [paintings by Janette Boskett]

"I just wanted to confirm that 'Sail Away' arrived safely on Monday and was on the wall later that day. We are very pleased with it and look forward to admiring it for years to come. Many thanks."
Kenneth, Glasgow 09/04/2009 [painting by Anne Twist]

"The Walberswick prints arrived today and they look very good - I'm sure Ann is going to be very really pleased with them. Thanks for the prompt attention."
Paul 26/03/2009
['Walberswick' and 'Ferryboat Hut at Walberswick' by Barbara Harlow]

"I have seen the most beautiful picture that you have painted and absolutely love it. Thank you so much for doing this."
M. Grimshaw 19/03/2009 [commissioned cat portrait painted by Jane Kay]

"I have just received the painting today, and it is very beautiful."
Lisbet, Denmark 11/03/2009 ['Ten More Marbles' by Nicki Rosetti]

"The second painting ['Calico Cottages' by Janice McGloine] has arrived and my sister is really pleased with it as are my friends to whom you sent the first one."
Thank you so much.
Martine 09/03/2009

"Just to say I am absolutely thrilled with my new painting 'Skyline'! It is even better than I imagined and will look brilliant in my dining room. The colours are gorgeous and I would certainly be interested if anything similar came up in your gallery."
Denise 08/03/2009 [painting by Nicki Rosetti]

"We have just purchased our 2nd and 3rd paintings from Janette Boskett; 'Flag Day' and 'Breakthrough'. The quality afforded in Janette's work is fine. The unique detail of water scenes, dated luggage washed up on beaches, flags blowing in what must be cool breezes... all the right stuff. Thank you, again, Janette!!"
Mike & Kim 06/03/2009

"I am very pleased to say that 'Incoming Tide' [by Janette Boskett] was an enormous success and I gained many brownie points. The picture is a great joy for both of us and hangs in a very prominent position. The packaging was brilliant. Many thanks for brightening up our lives!"
John 26/02/2009

"I'm writing to let you know that we received the painting yesterday and it looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for doing such a great job! It's already hanging up on our living room wall and fits in perfectly with its surroundings. We are both really pleased with the painting and I think it makes an excellent wedding present as it's something completely original for us! Thank you very much once again."
Corrine 23/02/2009 ['Presence' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"I purchased 'Summertime' from Janette Boskett. Janette was so quick at getting in touch and keeping me up to date with arranging delivery, the painting arrived very quickly on the day arranged and in excellent condition. 'Summertime' is a fantastic painting and I am so happy to be the proud owner. Janette's additional touches in the form of a card and certificate make it extra special."
E Cowan 21/02/2009

"I bought 'Grey Mare' by Janette Boskett. It's very special. I bought it because I know the location very well.Janette's interpretation of this part of the River Swale is fantastic and the attention to detail wonderful. The painting was delivered very promptly and well packaged. Thank you Janette."
Caroline 09/02/2009

"I'm thrilled with the Venice watercolour! You've created a super painting from my photograph, in detailed style as requested, an accurate and to scale picture. I'll be in touch again with another commission."
Lesley 08/02/2009 [painting by Griff Griffiths]

"Thanks a million, got the paintings on Monday and we love them. Thanks again for your stunning work."
Sinead 06/02/2009 ['There's Nothing on your Head, Honestly', 'The Only Child, First Day at School' and 'The Only Child Chooses a Story' by Lee McConville]

"I have received your art safe and sound today and am very pleased again! Thank you for your prompt service, I am sure I will be in touch again."
Kim, Somerset 5/2/2009 ['Let Me Go' and 'Hi Sexy' prints by Tina Ashton]

"I am the very proud owner of 'Hold Me' by Tina Ashton... the email correspondence and prompt delivery is impressive customer service!! I couldn't wait to unwrap it (took forever!) it was a belated birthday to myself, absolutely perfect for my bedroom.. and I love it!! Thank you very much..
Tracy 05/02/2009

"I received the paintings which were wrapped very well indeed - took me a while to get in to them, but the wait was worth it! Thank you so much - I absolutely love them."
Carol 03/02/2009 ['Purple Flower Pots' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"Just purchased 'Overstretched' by Janette Boskett for my daughter's birthday. I am delighted with it as I am sure my daughter will be (at the end of March!). Very quick and friendly service - bought Sunday morning and delivered at the other end of the country Tuesday 2pm."
John 03/02/2009

"Thank you so much, we received the painting and love it!"
Sara 02/02/2009 ['By the Light' by Brenda Newton]

"Thanks for the painting, it arrived safely and I am enjoying looking at it (especially during the current snowy weather!). I'm looking forward to getting it hung on the wall. I really like it."
Kathryn 02/02/2009 ['Wheal Coates' by Maureen Crofts]

"Just to let you know that the painting arrived safe and sound, and is every bit as lovely as I had hoped."
Dave 25/01/2009 ['Another Wet Night' by Brenda Newton]

"I recently bought 'A View to St Paul's' by Eamonn Ruane. It is a refreshingly bold and original interpretation of a very familiar view. It's even more impressive on the wall than it was on the gallery. Eamonn and Gill are a professional and friendly and went to great efforts to ensure that our painting arrived safely. I'll definitely be looking out for more of this collection."
Jo 06/01/2009

"Who says you can't buy a piece of work from a fellow artist? I have been promising myself a piece of art from Tina ever since I first came across her on Mini Gallery. The painting was my Christmas present to myself and it turned out to be one of my best presents. The packaging was excellent as were the delivery arrangements. The painting is wonderful and will give me pleasure for many years to come. Thank you Tina."
Janice 06/01/2009 ['October Night' by Tina Ashton]

"The paintings arrived and I'm delighted with them. Once again thank you for the wonderful paintings.
Robert 30/12/2008 ['Departure' and 'Nichols' by Lee McConville]

"I would like to say how impressed I was with the quick and efficient purchase of '4 lilies' by Janette Boskett. The four small paintings are beautiful."
Helen 27/12/2008

"Received the picture of Tilly this morning and it's gorgeous - will look lovely in the frame that I have bought! Thank you so much for doing this painting for me, you're a star!"
Nicky 17/12/2008 [commission of Tilly the Persian cat by Dianne Heap]

"The painting [by Carol Dunne] arrived safely today and it is absolutely wonderful. I now have the sun in my house 365 days of the year and was soooo needed as most of my walls were bare! You see when it comes to artwork I'm very choosy and usually it's way out of my price range so, once again, thank you very much.
Paul 5/12/2008

"Thank you very much the painting arrived today - it is wonderful!! Off to be framed now! I am sure James will be delighted with it !
Thanks so much."
Sarah 29/11/2008 ['Blenheim Palace' by Griff Griffiths]

"Just to say 'A Trio of Swaledales' [by Griff Griffiths] arrived safely and quickly and is away to be framed for a Christmas present. My partner loves it (she will not wait for surprises).
it will join our little Griff gallery and I can assure I will be visiting the site often on the look out for further potential additions."
Graham 26/11/2008

"I have received my prints which were very well protected and wrapped. I think they are fabulous, and can't wait to get them framed and hung up. Thank you for the cards, I'm sure my friends will love receiving them."
Jacqui, Leicestershire 29/10/2008
['Tango for Two', 'Two Ballet Dancers' and 'Oh! La! La!' by Jacqui Slade]

"I just wanted to tell you that the painting was delivered with perfect timing and is beautiful; my partner is delighted."
Melody 19/10/2008 ['India' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"I am just writing to say a huge thank you for the three limited edition prints 'Enchanting', 'Precious' and 'I Want You' by Tina Ashton they are all beautiful, I couldn't be happier. They all came very well packaged and the overall service was fantastic!"
Kim, Somerset 15/10/2008

"The painting arrived safely this morning, and WOW! It looks better in the "flesh" than I imagined it would. Thanks very very much.
Neil 10/10/2008 ['Poppy Heads' by Judith Webb]

"Just to let you know that I now have the painting at home and it is up on my wall.
It is really wonderful. I am delighted. Perfectly wrapped! Wishing you continued success. Thanks again."
Anne, Glasgow 09/10/2008 ['Innocence' by Tina Ashton]

"Words cannot express the hapiness your paintings have brought me this morning. Just wanted to let you know they are here - I will treasure them all."
Karen 02/10/2008
['Explosion at the Hat Factory', Borderline Chaos', and 'Summer Blues' by Lee McConville]

"As soon as I saw these two paintings, I knew I had to have them on my walls. It's amazing how such tiny canvases can say so much. They're absolutely beautiful, and though I haven't been to Ireland yet, your paintings took me there for a while. Thank you for such a prompt, personal service. It's lovely to be able to connect a 'voice' to a piece of art. Your paintings will be happy here."
Pia 01/10/2008 ['Reflections of a Cloudy Sky, Fanore Beach' and 'Sand Dunes, Inch Beach, Dingle' by Laura Wilson]

"The painting arrived safely. As always we are delighted with it and I am sure it will continue to give us as much pleasure as the other paintings we have had from you. Thank you again for the excellent service, I'm sure it won't be the last time you hear from us."
Iris Barton 24/09/2008 ['Terraced Houses' by Lee McConville]

"Thank you very much for the painting, we are delighted. Best wishes and thanks again."
Simon 22/09/2008 ['Winter Sunshine Perranporth' by Maureen Crofts]

"The painting arrived this morning. It looks great - thanks so much for your work on this. I'm sure I'll be in touch at some point in the future!"
Kate 22/09/2008 ['Red Squared II' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"Just to let you know that the paintings arrived this morning - thank you vey much. We're delighted with them, and look forward to displaying them on our new walls (several months from now!) I'll keep checking out your galleries for new works. Many thanks again."
Liz, Montalembert, France 22/09/2008 ['Poppies and Daisies', 'The Poppy Field', 'Cornish Daisies' and 'Cornish Coastal Path' by Maureen Crofts]

"Just to let you know, the painting has arrived. 'Birthday Boy' couldn't wait until tomorrow and has already opened it - he's absolutely thrilled, and so am I. We're busy carrying out a barn conversion and hope to have one wall dedicated to original artwork, so we'll be giving 'Lamplight' pride of place. I'll keep checking out your site."
Liz, Montalembert, France 17/09/2008 ['Lamplight' by Nicki Rosetti]

"Received 'Venice' today. I really love the piece - the photo on the website did not do it justice. I am very pleased with it, as is my partner. Thank you for sending the painting so quickly."
David 06/09/2008 [painting by Barbara Harlow]

"I have recently purchased three watercolours from Anya Tikhomirova. I received them really quickly by registered mail and were pleased that they were well packaged. I am thrilled with the pictures - I loved them online and even more so now. I will be shopping again at Mini Gallery. Thank you and thank you Anya."
Jean 28/08/2008

"I have just received two pastels I bought from Anya Tikhomirova. They are really lovely and even nicer than I expected looking at them on the web. It was pleasure doing business with Anya through Mini Gallery. This was my first purchase but I will certainly be coming back..."
Gordana 18/08/2008

"I bought 'Dancing Flowers' by Katy Bason-Healey for my teenage daughter's bedroom and it looks fab. Have only recently discovered the Mini Gallery website and I think it is a great way to buy art. I will definitely be buying from Katy again as I love her work.
Kay 16/08/2008

"Recently, my family and I bought 5 original pieces from Eamonn Ruane - an assortment of abstract animals and seascapes. From myself who is beginning my collection, to my parents who have art from famous artists from all over the world, Eammon's pieces stand up with the best. He uses amazing colours and lines and the result are pieces you could stare at for hours. I recommend checking out his page - these are unknown gems and I trust he will become more well known over the next few years."
Steve 12/08/2008

"I have purchased eight of the animal paintings by Eamonn Ruane to date and I no doubt will be buying more in the future. His work is unique in style and I love the texture and bold colours he uses in so many unusual ways. He is also a pleasure to do business with and a true professional. Thank you for the beautiful artwork."
Elaine, London 11/08/2008 ['Fun Lion', 'Little White Bear', 'Monkey', 'Giraffe', 'Little Zebra', 'Little Leopard', 'Little Tiger' and 'Baby Panda']

"The painting arrived and it's brilliant. We really love it. It was beautifully packaged and arrived pristine. Am repainting my wall so it will look perfect! Will keep an eye on your new stuff too!"
Caroline, Oxfordshire 09/08/2008 ['Loving You is Easy' by Tina Ashton]

"Thank you so much for sending the photograph 'Succulents' - it arrived safely this morning. It is absolutely beautiful and will look a treat in my new lounge. Thank you for the gift (card) - I might frame this too for the kitchen or possibly send it to someone if I like them a lot!"
Michele 30/07/2008 ['Succulents' by Carol Batten]

"We're actually having a bit of a "do" tomorrow night - with some of the more "local" artists attending, along with local dignitaries. As I write (type) this - we're preparing a cabinet at Gladstone Pottery Museum - devoted to this picture. It will soon be displayed at the Hanley Potteries Museum too."
Alan and Cheryl, Stoke-on-Trent 19/07/2008
['Vanished Landscape of the Potteries' by Vicky Mount]

"The painting arrived yesterday and I saw it for the first time just now. I love it! It's just what I was after and couldn't be better... thank you. I'm now in a dilemma as it was meant for my bedroom but looks perfect in the lounge. So I think I'll be ordering something else from you soon."
Rachel, London 02/07/2008 ['Golden Love' by Tina Ashton]

"Just to let you know that the painting arrived safely today, in perfect condition. Thanks for packing it so well! I do like it very much, it'll have pride of place in my house."
Kitty 26/06/2008 ['Blue Space' by Katy Bason-Healey]

"A massive thank you to Jacqui Slade (and her husband and greyhound) who all spent their Sunday afternoon personally delivering 'All Creatures Great & Small' to me. The painting is so beautiful and intricate and and I cannot stop looking at it... first job at home this week is to get it on the wall! Thanks Jacqui - I'm very proud to own this amazing painting."
Sarah 23/06/2008

"I received 'Fun Lion' [by Eamonn Ruane] today and I want to thank you for an unusual and exquisite piece of art. I love your work and no doubt I will be back to buy more art from you in the future."
Elaine 20/06/2008

"I bought two paintings from Tina Ashton, 'Promise Me' and 'Together' and they are both exquisite pieces of art work. No doubt I will be back for many more in the future and her customer service is great too. Thanks so much."
Elaine 18/06/2008

"The picture arrived today and we are thrilled with it."
Jill 18/06/2008 ['Follows Me Everywhere' by Dianne Heap]

"It came on Saturday and it's fab - lovely colours just like the last one we bought. Gave it to John straight away - couldn't wait until his birthday on Thursday - and he was equally delighted. I am sure we will be in contact again soon for another!"
Denise 16/06/2008 ['Moonlight' by Demi Lang]

"I first met Eamonn Ruane about 2 years ago, when I bought two animal paintings and one seascape. My sons have been coveting them so we recently looked at the website and bought some more ['Blue Elephant', 'Chilled Out', 'Orange Sunset', 'Little Hedgehog' and 'Midnight Sky']. The colours and detail are amazing and they are truly special. Eamonn and his wife Jill are professional, friendly and delightful. A real pleasure."
Lynne 10/06/2008

"My painting, 'Calm' by Eamonn Ruane arrived safely and quickly, and Eamonn's friendly e-mails kept me up to date with progress. I am thrilled with my purchase which complements my bedroom wonderfully! Many thanks."
Pam 31/05/2008

" 'Stairway' arrived safe and well. Delighted with the purchase and look forward to buying some more in the future."
Robert 30/05/2008 [painting by Lee McConville]

"Prints arrived safely today - very pleased with them."
Stephen 29/05/2008 ['Poppies Galore' and 'Summer Poppies' by Barbara Harlow]

"The paintings arrived safely today. Many thanks, I am really pleased to have them. I will get them framed this week and am very excited about putting them on the walls of my home."
Geoff, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 28/05/2008
['Ethel Feeding Pigeons', 'Beach Boys' and 'Bedtime Reading' by Vicky Mount]

"The painting arrived yesterday and it is already hanging on my wall, it is much better than I visualised."
Peter 28/05/2008 ['Watching Rain #2' by Brenda Newton]

"Picture is lovely, of course! Like the deep canvas."
Ruth 12/05/2008 ['Ten Marbles' by Nicki Rosetti]

"Your 'April Shower' painting arrived today. It looks brilliant. Thanks very much."
Steve 09/05/2008 [painting by Brenda Newton]

"I have just received my paintings and they are both gorgeous! I am thrilled with my purchases. Thanks for everything and all your help."
Lisa 07/05/2008 ['Sunset Stroll' and 'Autumn Approach' by Dianne Heap]

"The painting ['Parm Place Garden' by Jacqui Slade] is absolutely beautiful - thank you so much. It will have pride of place in the sitting room alongside a painting of my father's garden in the 1940s."
Jane 05/05/2008

"Thank you for the quick delivery of the paintings, I am delighted with them and they look fantastic on my walls. They beat any paintings I have seen in the shops and the fact that they are not mass produced adds to the pleasure I get from them. My friends are already asking about you as an artist and are keen to see your work. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
Jean 03/05/2008 ['Fire Flower' and 'Golden Brown' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"Just to let you know, the painting arrived safe and sound - excellent packaging! We are extremely delighted with the painting - so much better seeing it in real life. It now has pride of place in our new conservatory adding colour and vibrancy to a room that was purposely left simple with a neutral colour scheme. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
Richard, Renfrewshire 01/05/2008 ['Somewhere in Suburbia' by Tina Ashton]

"Thank you so much for my picture of 'Fudge'. It is just fantastic!"
Iona 30/04/2008 [commission by Dianne Heap]

"Just to let you know I received the painting on Saturday, I love it, so thanks for the professional service! I'll keep checking for your new stuff."
Karen 28/04/2008 ['Black Gold' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"Thank you for another beautiful painting. The colours are lovely and it looks great on the wall.
Karen, London 25/04/2008 ['Blue Green Study' by Anne Twist]

"My friend loved the painting - she's debating where to hang it in her lounge at the moment!"
David and Rose 21/04/2008 ['Poppy Field' by Maureen Crofts]

"It arrived first thing in the morning which was great, and we are both very happy with it. The colours are even better in reality. Many thanks again."
Lesley 14/04/2008 ['Harmony' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"Thank you it's great! Makes me smile."
Ruth 14/04/2008 ['Seven Marbles' by Nicki Rosetti]

"I bought two paintings by Patricia Richards. As well as being delighted with the paintings themselves, the service was excellent: my email queries were handled promptly, the paintings were dispatched immediately and were very well wrapped."
Steve 08/04/2008

"Many thanks - we received the parcel containing 'Tango for Two' today and all in perfect condition. Thank you for the greeting cards, too, they are lovely!"
Michelle 05/04/2008 [limited edition print by Jacqui Slade]

"I commissioned Judith for a painting and she delivered my exact vision and in perfect time. As I am located in the U.S., commissioning an artist over country lines could be a bit uncertain and the project went swimmingly. Judith was quick to communicate and send photo proofs via email. She also helped coordinate a special delivery of the finished piece. I would recommend Judith for commissioned work any time, as she is very professional, has great style and an eye for detail."
Delaney, Colorado, USA 04/04/2008 ['Adrian's House' by Judith Webb]

"Really looking forward to receiving the paintings - you are a wonderful artist and I hope my husband enjoys the new painting I've bought him for his birthday!"
Laura, Adelaide, Australia 01/04/2008 ['Sunset for Lovers' by Dianne Heap]

"The painting arrived yesterday and looks great. Will be saving to buy more paintings in the future..."
Janey 01/04/2008 ['Cool Blues' Katy Bason-Healey]

"I have just taken delivery of my second painting from John Morris. In both cases the picture looked better "in the flesh" than they did on the site and so my expectations were well exceeded. John is very user friendly and happy to answer any question about the genesis of his work. Both of the pictires were despatched very promptly and in robust packaging so they arrived quickly and entirely safely. I would have no hesitation in recommending John's work and the quality of his delivery service. I am now looking forward to the next batch of his work to appear on Mini Gallery."
Bob 31/03/2008

" Just to let you know that the presentation took place yesterday. We had had the painting mounted and it looked really great. My boss was absolutely "bowled" over (she and her family go dinghy sailing). She said she was overwhelmed. The painting captured the real experience. She loved the colours. She congratulated me on the choice and "for knowing her so well".
So you can imagine I felt pretty pleased. She was interested to know more about what you do and I said that I would send her your internet address. Thank you once again."
Wendy 29/03/2008 ['Red Sails' by Maureen Crofts]

"I now have in my possession three artworks by John Morris and two more are on the way. This artist's work improves my mood when it needs improving and helps me to focus on the beauty of life whether or not I need to focus... Thanks, John, you are brilliant."
Charles 21/03/2008

"Took delivery of the painting on Tuesday after ordering at the weekend. We've already got it on the wall and we're really delighted with it. I love the work's 'surface tension': what it holds between the suggested depth of the colouring and the soft layering of the acrylic itself - something that can't be conveyed through the internet! The painting was expertly packaged and we very much appreciate your personal service ie. the gift card and the great communication. Many thanks again. All in all, a very happy customer."
Alan 14/03/2008 ['Elevation' by Tina Ashton]

"I received the picture safe and sound this morning. It's really lovely - I shall look forward to hanging it on the wall once it's framed. Thank you for all your help."
Vanessa 10/03/2008 ['Falmouth' by Maureen Crofts]

"Just to say that 'Poppy Time' [by Patricia Richards] arrived safely and I am delighted with it. Very many thanks - I will keep watching your gallery."
Jan 08/03/2008

" 'Poppy Field' painting received safely yesterday, many thanks. It is lovely, I'm sure my friend (the picture is for her 50th birthday) will love it."
Rose 07/03/2008 [painting by Maureen Crofts]

"I bought a print of 2 Siamese cats about a year ago from you and you personalized it with my cat's names and I had it framed and displayed. I love your Siamese prints and work. Thank you."
Kathy 06/03/2008 ['Playful Cats' by Dianne Heap]

"Earlier today my painting arrived. I am in total awe of this painting. The colors are amazing. It has exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with my painting. Thank you so very much!"
Kim, Ohio 04/03/2008 ['Foxgloves & Delphiniums' by Jan Pursey-Grange]

"Thank you for your quick response: I received your painting last Saturday. It is very nice and I hope my husband likes it too: it will be his birthday present. I wish you all the best and a lot of inspiration and success with your future works."
Elena 03/03/2008 ['Tuscan Landscape' by Anna Conversano]

"Just a quick note to say how delighted we are with our two paintings from Patricia Richards - 'Rhythm' and 'Emotion'. They are superbly presented and complete the look of our living room."
Peter 24/02/2008

"The painting has arrived safely. We are delighted with the piece, it looks great on the wall."
Rachel, Glasgow 22/02/2008 ['For You, Hearts & Flowers' by Tina Ashton]

"Thank you so much for the print I received recently. He is beautiful and captures the character of my lurcher/deerhound, Pogle, perfectly. I am off ths weekend to find the perfect frame. Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you."
Sally 17/02/2008 ['Did You Call?' by Dianne Heap]

"The paintings arrived safely and we are really pleased with them, especially 'The Fire Eater'. We've hung this in the gallery but if we are honest both Alison and I are hoping no-one buys it. We'll keep checking your Mini Gallery."
David & Alison 13/02/2008 ['The Fire Eater', 'Saturday', 'Blue Monday' by Lee McConville]

"My friend who I bought the paintings for ['Red Sunset' by Brenda Newton] thought they were wonderful, thank you so much."
Lisa 06/02/2008

"The print arrived on Friday. I'm delighted with it and it's just what I was looking for. Thanks also for the greeting card!"
Rachel, Glasgow 04/02/2008 ['Through the Darkness' by Tina Ashton]

"The canvas looks fantastic, even better than in the photos on the website. The delivery services was brilliant, my order was placed a few days before the last Royal Mail post of the year (very late Christmas shopping!) and Laura made every effort to make sure it arrived on time and kept me up to date with it's progress. The canvas came gift wrapped and with a gift card included. All in all a very high quality canvas coupled with some of the best delivery service I have ever experienced! Will happily buy again."
Lawrence 31/01/2008 ['All Worn Out' by Laura Wilson]

"The painting arrived today. It is a present for my mother for her birthday - I think it is lovely and I'm sure she will too. Thank you."
Marilyn 31/01/2008 ['Beautiful English Countryside' by Judith Webb]

"Just received Merlin's painting - it's fabulous! Many thanks."
Julie 29/01/2008 ['Merlin' commission by Dianne Heap]

"Print arrived safely this morning. I am absolutely delighted with it. Many thanks for a perfect service."
Richard 24/01/2008 ['Sunday Morning' by Dianne Heap]

"Painting arrived this morning. It's brill. Thanks once again."
Hefin 24/01/2008 ['Sunflowers' by Nicki Rosetti]

"I have received the painting and I'm very pleased with it. It's lovely. I really like your work and will visit your site on Mini Gallery regularly to look at new paintings. Thanks."
Karen, London 22/01/2008 ['Misty Dawn' by Anne Twist]

"As I now have six pieces of your work I guess that must make me a fan by default if nothing else. I hope you don't mind me saying but I think I've had the pick of the bunch, I love them all. I'm also feeling quite poor at the moment so please don't paint anything good for a while... Only joking, I'm glad to hear I've spurred you on to create more. I will keep my eye your Mini Gallery for new creations."
Richard, Warwickshire 15/01/2008
['Come Back Soon' and others by Tina Ashton]

"The painting arrived today. It is a lovely composition and we are as pleased with it as the other two we bought a while ago. Thanks for your excellent service."
Iris 09/01/2008 ['Three Green Trees' by Lee McConville]

"The painting arrived this morning safe and sound, looks great! I forgot to mention how good the packing was. The pictures on the website were also very good, and having the various detail shots was very useful. It still look better in the flesh though!"
Brian 09/01/2008 ['Glorious Sunset over the Sea' by Judith Webb]

"Brilliant - it looks just like her!! Can't wait to see it hanging on my wall, I'll have to make a special place for it! Thanks so much for painting her, such an easy process. A big thank you Dianne & good luck in the rest of your painting path!"
Manon 09/01/2008 [Greyhound commission by Dianne Heap]

"Many thanks Dianne. You are a very talented artist and, as an "owner" of a siamese seal point, I feel you have captured their own style of grace and beauty!"
Cathie 09/01/2008 ['What's All the Fuss About' by Dianne Heap]

"I bought a Katy Bason-Healey painting from the website as a Christmas present for my husband. It being my first web-based art purchase I was a little bit hesitant as I usually like to actually see the paintings I am going to purchase but the experience has been excellent: safe delivery within 48 hours, on-line payment, direct contact with the artist and a very impressed husband... I can definitely recommend buying through Mini Gallery."
A. Mattheus 08/01/2008

"The painting arrived safely this morning. It is now hung at the top of the stairs and looks really effective. We are delighted with this composition, as indeed we are with the others we have. Thank you for all the help and advice on the paintings. We count ourselves lucky to have found an artist who is talented and organised. Thanks for all the pleasure your paintings are giving us."
Iris 04/01/2008 ['Sunlit Shores' by Carol Dunne]

"Highland cow pics are difficult to come by, we've been looking for a nice one for over a year. The picture arrived safely, has been framed and was very much appreciated by its new owners. Thank you."
Jason 31/12/2007 ['Highland Cattle Grazing' by Judith Webb]

"Looks fantastic. Just what we wanted. Lovely painting. Delightful to look at. Has caught the mystery of a woodland glade perfectly. We will enjoy having it in our home."
John 30/12/2007 ['Emerald Forest' by Brenda Newton]

"My fella absolutely loved the picture, was over the moon. Thank you so much for completing it in such a short time."
J. Grewcock 27/12/2007 ['Pedro' by Jane Kay]

"Picture arrived ok, it looks stunning in the frame. Thank you."
K. Watts 22/12/2007 [commission by Jane Kay]

"Just to let you know that the painting has indeed arrived safely as you predicted. Thank you once again for your excellent and efficient service. I am absolutely thrilled with 'Renee's Rose'; you can be assured it has found a home where it will be really appreciated. We really do like a lot of your work and will definitely be looking through the website again soon, so I'll probably be in touch in the future."
Iris 21/12/2007 [painting by Carol Dunne]

"You are very lucky to have such a wonderful skill in art. Your painting is very beautiful, I bought it as a present for my husband."
J. Taylor 20/12/2007 ['Lavender Nude' by Jane Kay]

"Thank you for the super print ['Move Over' by Dianne Heap]. We very much enjoy your work."
Mark & Sarah 19/12/2007

"The painting arrived safely this morning ['Quadraflame' by Carol Dunne]. Thank you very much for your speedy service and excellent packing. We really like the painting and it looks very effective in our hallway. We think you have some lovely work displayed on the site and would like to buy more."
Iris 18/12/2007

"My painting arrived last Tuesday and was on the wall that same evening. I've off set each opposite piece to add an extra modern twist. It looks bloody marvellous even if I do say so myself and I'm really pleased. I'm looking forward to my friends' comments over the festive period. The certification enclosed with my painting is very professional and a good touch too, especially if you become super famous."
Richard 18/12/2007 ['Peace at Last' by Tina Ashton]

"The print arrived safely yesterday and was a lovely surprise for my wife and family. Sincerest thanks for your help and advice with this. I'm delighted with the end result."
Tony, Liverpool 15/12/2007 ['Atop the Clisham' by Seonaid Clarke]

"It's fantastic. Many thanks- you have captured them brilliantly!"
Kirsteen 14/12/2007 ['Amy & Rob' by Seonaid Clarke]

"It's here and it's looks fantastic ['Strawberry Fayre' by Julie Routley]. Just got to get it on the wall now! Thank you so much and the card you put in with it was so nice."
Jane Radcliffe 11/12/2007

"Bought 'Chocolate Box' by Katy Bason-Healey and it looks lovely on our living room wall. Very professional service - quick and well packaged. Thanks again!"
Lesley 11/12/2007

"Thank you so much - I am delighted with the drawing! It couldn't be any better and is just what I had envisaged... It is wonderful and so faithful to the photograph! Thank you so much."
C. White 10/12/2007 ['Nude' commission by Jane Kay]

"The painting is lovely and I know my daughter will be delighted with it!"
Sue 08/12/2007 ['Fall' by Brenda Newton]

"I love the paintings, and I will have them framed soon. I just have to find the time to go frame shopping. I will keep my eyes on your new paintings. Thanks so much."
Kimberly 07/12/2007
['Stormy Ride', 'Grand Turk' and 'Field of Sunflowers' by Maureen Crofts]

"Painting ['My Husband has a Lover' by Anna Conversano] arrived and it's great I love it! Thanks for sending it so swiftly. Just hope my other half likes it!"
Penny 06/12/2007

"I received your painting today, and I absolutely love it! The image on the Internet didn't do it justice, the colours, textures and composition are beautiful, it captures everything I love about autumn."
Jo 05/12/2007 ['Autumn Canopy' by Brenda Newton]

"Pleased with the arrival today of a very nice watercolour ['Lobster Pots on Mudeford Quay' by Jacqui Slade] in an impressive wooden box. Thanks also for the 'little extra'."
Andrew, Suffolk 04/12/2007

"The painting ['Monmouth Beach' by Laura Wilson] arrived safely earlier this week and is now hanging proudly in place. I love pictures of the coast and sea, particularly when it is stormy. Monmouth Beach's wonderful texture captures the wild power and beauty of our coastline. Thank you."
Stephen 02/12/2007

"I'm delighted with my prints from Tina Ashton ['Precious' and 'Enchanting']. Not only is she a talented artist, Tina's customer service is excellent. You can tell very quickly that Tina takes pride in her work."
J. Maund 30/11/2007

" 'Sarah 2' [by Lee McConville] arrived on Saturday as promised, it's the first time I've known a woman to be on time! It was well packed and I'm delighted with it and I'm sure it will be well received by the real Sarah on her birthday. I look forward to buying my next piece of art from you at some point."
Richard 30/11/2007

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic painting and for getting it to me so promptly and safely. The painting looked fantastic on the website but looked even 50 times better in real life!! The whole process of buying this wonderful painting was the easiest ever, I will certainly be returning once I have found some more wall space!"
Emily 29/11/2007 ['Sun Flash' by Tina Ashton]

" 'Autumn Trees' by Jane Kay arrived on time and was as I'd expected from seeing it on the site - well pleased, thank you"
G. Sampson 27/11/2007

"I love 'Gibbs' you have really captured the playful geeky dog that she is. I think 'Julius' is wonderful I love the composition and I love the background colour. Thank you they are really really beautiful."
Fiona 27/11/2007 [commissions by Anna Conversano]

"Received my two beautiful pastels by Patricia Richards today ['Evening Walk' and 'The Seashore']. They are every bit as good as I imagined them to be and they arrived quickly, and well packaged. It's lovely to have original and affordable art in the house. Thank you Patricia, thank you Mini Gallery!"
Delia, Coventry, Warwickshire 19/11/2007

"Just to let you know 'October Sunset' [by Brenda Newton] came yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much."
Lisa 17/11/2007

"I love your cat pictures especially the Siamese. I want them all even the ones that have been sold. They are great. You capture their spirit perfectly."
Kim 16/11/2007 [Siamese cats by Dianne Heap]

"We recently purchased 'Shipwreck' from Jan Pursey-Grange and are very pleased with it. The picture is admired by all who see it."
Richard 15/11/2007

"It is wonderful. Thank you so much, I picked the painting up this morning from the Post Office. Thank you for your time and talent. It is perfect."
C. Wild 14/11/2007 ['Mine?' by Marie Evans]

"Got the paintings today and they are brilliant. My husband loves 'Journey Home' and I'm putting the four fairytale pictures together on the one wall, they look super. Thanks a million, we really love your work and will be in touch soon."
Sinead 07/11/2007 ['Rapunzel It's Your Choice', 'The West Witch' and 'Journey Home' by Lee McConville]

"We bought 'Love, Through Everything' from Tina Ashton and we are over the moon with it. The communication from the artist was first rate, and very friendly. Delivery was arranged for our convenience. The painting itself is lovely, we have bought it for a wedding present for some friends and I am sure they are going to love it."
Karen 07/11/2007

"The painting arrived safely yesterday without my boyfriend seeing it! He loves sailing and I'm going to give 'Heavy Seas' [by Maureen Crofts] to him for Christmas. It really gives a sense of being on the sea."
Beth 01/11/2007

"I've just been to the Post Office to collect 'Xice and Nes' [by Dianne Heap] and wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely thrilled with the painting. You've captured them perfectly. Thank you very much. I shall certainly recommend you to other animal lovers!"
Jenny 30/10/2007

"Got the pictures today and we love them, they're really vibrant. My eldest son is mesmerised by them. Thanks a lot."
Sinead, Belfast 29/10/2007 ['Red and the Wolf Man' and 'Lost' by Lee McConville]

"The painting has arrived! I love it! You are very talented. Once I have done my decorating it will have pride of place. Thanks again and be assurred that it will have many admirers!"
Teresa 28/10/2007 ['Willowherb' by Janette Boskett]

"The painting has arrived and I am delighted with it - pride of place over the mantelpiece! To be able to purchase a piece of art work directly from the artist is so much more rewarding. Mini Gallery is very - dare I say 'user friendly'. There was something about [the painting] that really appealed and for me you have to have a passion for the painting - that you do not tire of looking at it and looking at it always gives you a bit of a lift."
Linda, Wales 27/10/2007 ['Whitstable Oyster Fishermen' by Peter Gander]

"Just to let you know I received 'Autumn Puddles' [by Brenda Newton] today. It's fantastic, the colours are wonderful. Thank you so much."
Lisa 15/10/2007

"Just to let you know the painting has arrived today safely ['All My Love' by Tina Ashton]. It is a perfect choice - and I am very much looking forward to seeing it up in my daughter's room and indeed any new abode she finds herself in! Many thanks and rest assured the painting will be much loved and admired - I shall certainly look forward to viewing more of your work."
Cathy, Suffolk 12/10/2007

"Just to let you know that 'Forest Glade' [by Brenda Newton] has arrived this morning. It's fantastic, I absolutely love it. Thank you so much."
Lisa 05/10/2007

"She couldn't believe that she has an original painting and such a lovely piece of work to show off in her new home ['Love in the Shadows II' by Tina Ashton]. She is so delighted and again emailed me this morning to thank me for her pressie and to thank you for your work. It has been a real pleasure staying in touch with you from beginning to end, the whole process was so easy and "friendly". Thanks again, and maybe you might hear from me again soon. I would recommend you to everyone!"
Baljit, Londonderry, Northern Ireland 28/09/2007

"It's great, just what I was hoping for and better in reality than the picture you emailed me. Packaging was all OK and the frame looks great. Thanks again for doing it so quickly."
Chris 27/09/2007 ['Deb's Wedding Day' commission by Lee McConville]

"We received the 'Puffins' [by Vicky Mount], and they are lovely! One of them went to a friend here in Steamboat Springs and they were very impressed by your work. Don't be surprised if I order another - no doubt someone will ask me for one. Hope to do business with you again - in the meantime, take care and good luck with your art - I'm sure you'll be world famous before long - real talent is usually rewarded and long lived."
Lisa, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 27/09/2007

"I took Myfanwy to a country hotel for the weekend of her birthday. I gave her the painting of 'Bluebell Walk' [by Griff Griffiths] before we went down to breakfast on the morning of her birthday. She was surprised and overjoyed to receive it and was absolutely amazed that I had managed to keep it a secret from her. An all seeing being she might be but she had no idea on this occasion. We hung the painting in our sun-room when we got back to the cottage. It looks superb and we are both grateful to you for taking the trouble to deliver it to our home."
Barry 23/09/2007

"Thought I would let you know we picked your painting up of 'Watergate Bay' from your friend ready for a safe wedding gift delivery. Thank you very much. We had a really memorable day, it was absolutely perfect for the wedding and Watergate bay is such a beautiful place. Your painting will certainly be treasured by our friends, they were so suprised & absolutely thrilled with it!"
Sarah 20/09/2007 [painting by Maureen Crofts]

" 'Close' has arrived here in Singapore early this morning you will be glad to hear all safe and sound! You can now relax! It was very well packed, took me some time to get into it! It looks fantastic! Think we will put it in the bedroom, will send you a picture when it is on the wall. Again many thanks for organising, will keep looking at the website!"
Christine, Singapore 19/09/2007 [painting by Tina Ashton]

"The package arrived today and we are both so pleased with the paintings [Daisy the Cow at Balloon Tree Farm' and 'The Apprentice at Balloon Tree Farm' by Hazel Semple]. My first task of the day tomorrow is to put a couple of hooks in the wall!! I am sure they will look fantastic. Thanks again for the swift delivery. A stunning finish to our nursery!"
Darren & Suzanne, Berkshire 14/09/2007

"I received the 'Puffins' print [by Vicky Mount] on Saturday and it arrived in perfect condition and the recipient was thrilled with it. Thank you for being so prompt."
Carol Bulis 30/08/2007

"I received the painting this morning, it's wonderful. The Gower is one of my favourite parts of the country but I haven't been there for a long time; your picture of Three Cliffs Bay looks like how I remember it."
Margaret 17/08/2007 ['Three Cliffs Bay' by Demi Lang]

"Painting arrived in perfect condition within two days of placing my order; very pleased to say it looks exactly as I'd hoped it would."
Phil, West Yorkshire 11/08/2007 ['Little Girl Lost' by Tina Ashton]

"Bought a super pastel of 'Venice by Moonlight' from Patricia Richards - absolutely thrilled and can't wait to have it framed. Superb communications with Patricia and fast despatch. Highly recommended!"
Cecelie 08/08/2007

"It's lovely, thank you your picture really captivated me when I found it. 'Light at the End of the Tunnel' seems to represent all our battles in life. We're all in a tunnel, looking at the light, getting nearer to whatever the light represents for each of us. Happiness, saying goodbye to an old love, finding a new love, a new start."
David 07/08/2007 [painting by Judith Webb]

"Got it this morning and it's up on the wall, I love it!! Thank you tons, it's a great picture and it makes me smile."
Cheryl, London 01/08/2007 ['Rocky Horror' by Lee McConville]

"I recently commissioned 2 pieces from Tina Ashton, based on 'The Kiss' and 'In Deep'. I was a little nervous about this as I haven't used the website before, but everything went really well. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tina. We emailed each other virtually every day regarding the progress of my paintings, and I was more than happy when my beautiful paintings arrived safely and right on time."
Julie Watson 01/08/2007

"I have recently purchased two pastels from Patricia Richards ['Evening Walk 1' & 'Evening Walk 2'] and must say that I am delighted with both pictures. Excellent service and will continue to watch your work with interest."
Robert Niven 28/07/2007

"I have the painting and it is great."
Caron Keohane 26/07/2007 ['Purple Haze' by Anna Conversano]

"The painting is beautiful ['Mother Ivey's Bay' by Maureen Crofts] and I can't wait to give it to my partner on his birthday. It is his favourite place in England. I'll let you know what he thinks. I know he'll love it."
Rebecca 24/07/2007

"Thank you for the very, very, very nice picture. It arrived this morning. I'm off to Marseille now with the picture."
Nathalie Harthoorn 19/07/2007 [Laundry' by Lee McConville]

"We have received you piece of art ['Summertime' by Anna Conversano] and it is in lovely condition. Thank you very much."
David Keohane 19/07/2007

"I received the paintings this morning and they are lovely, thank you. I can't wait to get them up on my walls! It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
Natalie, West Yorkshire 18/07/2007
['Red Sky in the Morning', 'Landscape Study', 'River Valley', 'Distance', 'Red Grass' and 'Moorland' by Anne Twist]

"The portrait of Charlotte is beautiful and beyond my expectations. I cannot thank Seonaid enough for capturing Charlotte in this portrait. It is beautiful and for the short time I had the portrait at home, before sending it to Charlotte's parents, I could not help but keep going back to it. Stunning! Thank you."
Kate Dutson, Hampshire 18/07/2007 ['Little Charlotte' by Seonaid Clarke]

"Paintings arrived safely and look fab! Many thanks."
Etta Saunders 17/7/2007 ['Marbles' and 'Flowers' by Nicki Rosetti]

"Many thanks for another gorgeous painting! It is so atmospheric and reminds me of many childhood woodland walks through the bluebells with my parents! I just love Patricia Richards' work!"
Hazel Pratt 14/07/2007

"Many thanks we have received the painting ['Giant Hogweed' by Barbara Harlow] and it is now on the wall, very pleased. From 2 horticulturalists."
Amanda and Colin, Cumbria 06/07/2007

"Thanks, paintings are great, I am very happy with them, and they are on my
walls already! ['Love Grows' and 'Through the Darkness' by Tina Ashton] The service you offered was brilliant, and I will keep checking to see if you have any similar work."
Anthony Chadley, Buckinghamshire 05/07/2007

"A much belated thank you to Seonaid Clarke for the beautifully framed and lovely print. Excellent personal and informative service. We so love the picture, it is fab!"
Iain Morrison 05/07/2007

"Thanks for safely delivering the two paintings ['Boats near Bembridge Marina at Low Tide' and 'Oh La La' by Jacqui Slade] to my friend Peter in Southampton. He is very pleased with them. This morning, I received your complimentary box of greetings cards reproduced from these artworks. I can see that Peter has two lovely paintings. Thank you very much."
Co van Gilst, Numansdorp, Netherlands 04/07/2007

"I am very pleased with the painting - it is perfect for the situation. You provided a great service. The delivery was prompt and in good condition. I will definitely be looking at your work in the future."
Amy Crabtree 02/07/2007 ['View of mainland Scotland from the Isle of Skye' by Laura Wilson]

"I commissioned 'Amazed IV' by Tina Ashton because I had seen 'Amazed III' on this website and wanted something similar for my newly decorated bedroom. Tina was really lovely to work with she made sure that she understood exactly what I wanted, even down to selecting the right frame for the painting. I had an idea in my head of what the finished picture would look like, and it was great to see how well the finished painting matched the one in my head. I would definitely recommend commissioning a painting to anyone as it really is an exciting process. I don't think I could have felt more pleased even if I'd painted it myself."
Comfort Osilaja 02/07/2007

"Over the moon with 'Romantic Mood' [by Dianne Heap]- thank you & now I would like to order another as a surprise for my parents."
Vicky Burton 25/06/2007

"Love the painting, excellent. I will continue to view your gallery with interest and look forward to hopefully buying more in the future."
Robert Niven 25/06/2007 ['Finishing Touches' by Lee McConville]

"Got your picture it's fantastic!!! Really really happy with it, thank you."
Paul 23/06/2007 ['Red Hot Chilli Peppers' by Julie Routley]

"We have the painting and we are very pleased with it, the only problem is that we have picked it as a present (for one of our ushers as we are getting married in a fortnight) and we want it ourselves!! We may, therefore be contacting you again in the future. Thanks again, the painting is great, packaging very well done and we liked the touch of the certificate."
Jon, Bournemouth 20/06/2007 ['Overlooking the Ocean' by Tina Ashton]

"Received the painting today and I must say that I am very pleased ['Happy Hour' by Anna Conversano]. The painting is better than the website picture portrays and I will continue to view your gallery with interest. Once again thank you."
Robert Niven 15/06/2007

"The painting arrived this morning and it's perfect! Will look fab in my newly decorated hall. Thanks so much for the superquick delivery."
Jane, Surrey 14/06/2007 ['Deep Blue Sky at Night' by Hazel Semple]

"The painting arrived safe and sound this morning ['The Gower' by Demi Lang]. It looks marvellous and would be great hanging on my lounge wall but unfortunately for me it's a present for some friends. They love the beach/coast and are getting married so I hope they will love it as much as I do. Many thanks again and no doubt I'll be visiting your website in the not to distant future to find something for myself!"
Stephen Crew 12/06/2007

"Just taken delivery of 'Deep Blue' [by Gaynor Henaghan], your work is wonderful, I'm already trying to find some wall space for more !!"
Nick, Cumbria 10/06/2007

Just to confirm the paintings have arrived ['Sweet Music' and 'Tempus Fugit' by Janette Boskett] - they are beautiful. We just have the dilemma now of where they should go to show them off at their best! Thank you once again for your prompt delivery and we will certainly enjoy them for many years to come."
Graham and Sue Williams 06/06/2007

"Recently purchased a painting by Tina Ashton - 'In Deep' - I am absolutely delighted with the painting and would like to thank Tina for her efforts and commmunications which allowed the painting to arrive speedily and safely. Once again a Very Big Thank You!! and it has been a pleasure doing business with you."
Jasmeen 06/06/2007

"Well I am speechless, the painting is complete and everyone is truly amazed at the likeness ['Mocco - Malcolm Macneil' by Seonaid Clarke]. They have all cried and said "That's your dad to a T". I smile whenever I look at it, it's just so perfect that I want everybody to see it. You have given me something I will treasure forever."
Margaret Macneil, Newmarket, Stornoway 04/06/2007

"The picture is framed and hanging on my hall wall and I am very pleased with it. Keep in touch and let me know what else you have coming up from time to time, especially bigger paintings."
Christine Yorath 01/06/2007 ['Bus Stop'by Vicky Mount]

"Just wanted to let you know I got the painting safe and sound and I love it! the only problem now is where to put it... I also love the little "extras" of greetings card and the cute business card as well as the certificate of authenticity. Hope to do business again with you in the future and I'll be keeping an eye on your online gallery."
Niamh 01/06/2007 ['Molten Copper' by Tina Ashton]

"They have arrived!!! I am so pleased I could pop! They are just fantastic. It was a great idea to buy myself a present... or two. Thank you Tina."
Shona, Berkshire 01/06/2007 ['Jumping for Joy' and 'Enchanting' by Tina Ashton]

"The portrait of my springer spaniel by Gilli Sands is absolutely superb. Cant thank you enough, you have captured her perfectly!! Thanks Gilli."
Fiona Duncan 30/05/2007

"The painting arrived on Friday and we are very pleased with it."
Jennifer Mackintosh 29/05/2007
['Frolicking on the Ice in Central Park, New York' by Judith Webb]

"... loved the painting, everyone that sees it can't believe how good the dogs/plants/house all look, the whole painting is really, really great"
Keith 24/05/2007 ['Great Kimble House' by Jane Kay]

"This is my first visit to Mini Gallery and it certainly won't be my last. A well organised website helped me find that 'right picture'. Many thanks go to artist Tina Ashton for her determination in getting the picture ('Sundown IV') to us without delay and very safely. Communication via email made all the organisation go like clockwork. I would thoroughly recommend her as a seller (and an artist!). The picture is already on display and becoming a firm favourite in the house. Thanks!"
Andrew Hazlehurst 22/05/2007

"Thank you for delivering the picture yesterday, it was lovely meeting you. The picture is just amazing, there are no words to describe how impressed we are. Barry is a man of few words so you may not have been aware how pleased he was, it certainly made it more special for him to meet you. When we are settled after the builders, painters and electricians have finished working in our house I know we shall be contacting you again. Thank you so very much."
Myfanwy 11/05/2007 ['Pool of London' by Griff Griffiths]

"I haved received the painting 'Holy Cow', thank you. I am absolutely thrilled - it is even better than I expected - it's lovely and will be treasured."
Lynda Smith 08/05/2007 [painting by Anna Conversano]

"I'm working away from home at the moment but my wife tells me that the painting arrived safely. It was her choice and she is very pleased with it."
Peter Butler 27/04/2007 ['Cocktail Hour' by Anna Conversano]

"Thank you for my lovely picture, people love it."
Dave 26/04/2007 ['Field Poppies' by Barbara Harlow]

"It's beautiful, I love it!!! I really like the splash of colour it adds a bit of warmth (for me). I would be interested in bigger ones if you were to do any more they are perfect for the bedroom."
Kerry 23/04/2007 ['Valentine' by Jane Kay]

"Many thanks Maureen - it's beautiful - she was so happy, must be great to create happiness in people. Many many thanks again."
Kevin 22/04/2007 ['Pas de Deux' by Maureen Crofts]

" 'Saturday' arrived safely thanks to your careful packing. We have hung it next to 'Washday Monday' and the two complement each other and look wonderful together."
Iris & Jim Barton 16/04/2007 [paintings by Lee McConville]

"Thanks for the etching. Really happy with it." ['Red Riding Hood' by Jane Daniell]
Cath 08/04/2007

"The painting is beautiful and both my wife and I are very pleased with our purchase ['Triumph Bonneville' by Maureen Crofts]. The card you enclosed was a lovely thought and much appreciated. For your information, the painting was purchased as a 65th birthday present for my father-in-law. He used to own a blue Triumph Bonneville that previously belonged to his father. When we were searching for a birthday gift we saw your painting and instantly knew it would make the perfect gift and hopefully be something he will treasure."
Adrian 03/04/2007

"I got the print today, it is more beautiful than I expected. I will send you a photo when I have it framed and hung on my wall. Thank you very much."
Sabrina Thompson 02/04/2007 ['Sea Shanti' by Jane Daniell]

"Just letting you know that I received the painting today. It's lovely - I have the perfect frame for it so can't wait to put it up! Thanks - we will enjoy having it."
Vanessa Chini, Gibraltar 28/03/2007 ['Pink and Lilac Beach Huts' by Demi Lang]

"Just to let you know that your St Just has safely arrived at our St Just! My parents are delighted, they think it's a beautiful painting so I'm really pleased."
Sarah Chrisment 27/03/2007 ['St Just in Roseland' by Maureen Crofts]

"Have just received three paintings from Katy Bason-Healey - 'Enigma' 'Oriental' and 'Copper Flowers'. They are all beautiful! I will certainly be looking at Katy's paintings in future on Mini Gallery. Everything went very smoothly and Katy kept me informed throughout."
Dawn Sneesby 19/03/2007

"The painting arrived safely today and we are really pleased with it. It certainly lives up to our expectations, having liked it on the website. We admire your individual style and love the composition of the subject. 'Washday Monday' is now on the wall in the study and will be enjoyed daily."
Iris & Jim Barton 04/03/2007 [painting by Lee McConville]

"Just to say the picture has arrived and I love it! ['Sailing Into the Sunset' by Judith Webb] I'm still deciding where to hang it, but even propped on a table it's making a big difference to the room. I'm really going to enjoy getting to know it! I'm really impressed with the quality of your work. This is a picture I'm going to enjoy living with."
Jonathan 03/03/2007

"I just wanted to say that the picture is perfect and looks brilliant in the salon! I have had many comments about it so have given them your website address to have a look at!"
Claire 18/02/2007 ['Hounds at Sunset' by Dianne Heap]

"Maureen, it was lovely to meet you too. Jodi loved the painting and we both wanted to tell you how wonderful we think it is. The more we look at it the more we notice the colour changing in different light. Jodi was delighted to see her favourite beach painted so beautifully and she really wanted to say thank you. I have no doubt that we will be in touch with you again. You have my thanks for earning me so many brownie points."
Dan 16/02/2007 ['Perranporth Sunset' by Maureen Crofts]

"'Ted' arrived this morning and he is just perfect... I am so pleased with both the paintings [by Dianne Heap], He is going to get pride of place in the front room with 'Saucy Sausage Dog', when he's been framed. Gary loves 'Saucy' so and thought he was a wonderful present. We're both so happy!!! Thank you so much, we really appreciate all you hard work."
Ruth & Gary 16/02/2007

"Having had a look at the picture my wife and I are really pleased with it and can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall. I look forward to picking out some more of your work that would look nice at home."
Daniel Waterman 15/02/2007 ['Apple Blossom' by Maureen Crofts]

"Yes it's great and thanks for asking."
Richard 15/02/2007 ['Rivendell' by Maureen Crofts]

"We received the painting today ['Road to Nowhere' by Anna Conversano] and are really pleased with it We have it displayed in our living room where we can enjoy it every day. We are frequent visitors to the West of Ireland and to us the painting evokes reminders of the road in county Mayo from Louisburgh to Leenane. Thank you for your prompt service."
Jim and Iris Barton 09/02/2007

"The three pictures arrived today ('Nightmare Visitor', 'Playing Games', 'In Spite'). Very happy. Decided to buy this one ('Doubts of Shadows') to make it a foursome."
Richard Hubbard 01/02/2007 [paintings by Victoria Stanway]

"I bought this painting as a present for my parent's wedding anniversary. They know the view well as they live near the lake and they were delighted with the painting."
James 29/01/2007 ['Evening at Kinewell Lake' by Marlene Snee]

"Yes, the paintings are fantastic!! I would love to have more of your work for the gallery! I am thrilled with your work!!"
Nancy McAllister, Alabama, USA 23/01/2007 ['Girl with Pearl Necklace', 'Girl with Peke and Pearls', 'Lone Boat in Torre Canne' and 'St. Tropez' by Anna Conversano]

"It is already very valuable to me. The painting ['Mask' by Paul Davies] looks great."
Tom Stewart, USA 08/01/2007

"It's been a pleasure buying from you! I will be showing your work in my gallery ['Cornflowers' by Lydia Manship]. I hope you make it to the USA some time! It would be a pleasure to meet you!"
Nancy McAllister, Alabama, USA 07/01/2007

"My painting ['Velvet' by Gaynor Henaghan] arrived nice and early this morning and I must say that I am absolutely delighted with it, I've hung it and it looks fantastic, just as I pictured it. Thanks for providing such a great service and such a lovely piece of art."
Gordon 04/01/2007

"It's fantastic, we didn't manage to complete the decorating so it may be into the new year before it will have its rightful place in the fresh and modern new look lounge. I hope to send a shot of your painting hung and taking the glory very soon."
Justin Winfield 18/12/2006 ['Firefly Sunset' by Judith Webb]

"The paintings are all great ['Bluebell the Sheep', 'Lavender the Pig', 'Bramble the Horse and Daffodil the Duck' by Hazel Semple] - have not had a chance to hang them yet. Thank you very much."
G. Bailie, Fulham, London 13/12/2006

"The print is absolutely lovely thank you - we really love it, and hopefully we will have it framed and up on the wall in time for Xmas. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly - and obviously for painting the original in the first place! It really is beautiful."
Kate Roberts 12/12/2006 ['Through the Darkness' by Tina Ashton]

"Just to let you know the painting has arrived safely and is lovely - I'm certain my brother-in-law will love it."
Sarah, Bath 12/12/2006 ['Ocean V' by Hazel Semple]

"I have been away for a few days and came home to my fab picture thank you so much it is better than its picture so I am delighted. I will look out for more animal portraits. Hope you sell loads!"
Fiona 09/12/2006 ['Pretty in Pink' by Anna Conversano]

"The painting ['Winter Sunrise II' by Seonaid Clarke] arrived just before the weekend and is great. (My daughter wants to keep it and buy a different one for my aunties!) Like 'Machair Dunes II' it changes in the light. We live next to the sea and it's nice to look at a peaceful seascape - not much like we've experienced recently."
Ann West, Prestwick, Ayrshire 07/12/2006

"I received the prints ['Boltons Bench, Lyndhurst' by Elizabeth Field] in excellent condition and am on the hunt for the perfect frame. Thank you again for taking the time to do this for me. I am very grateful."
Emma Tilbury, Ontario, Canada 06/12/2006

"Just a note to let you know that the paintings arrived safely yesterday ['Fire in the Sky', 'The Red Sky Over the Solent at Sunset' and 'Sea Breeze of Happiness' by Hazel Semple]. I have unpacked them and they are wonderful !!! I love them! I'll be hanging them tonight on their pre-planned wall places. Thank you very much for taking the time to pack them so carefully. I will be taking a close look at the great website of yours to check out your latest creations!"
Daniel Smith, Basingstoke, Hampshire 06/12/2006

"I've just arrived home from work and the postman has delivered your painting ['I Love You' by Maureen Crofts]. Thank you very much. The appropriate title means that I'll get it mounted and framed and give it to my wife on Christmas Day. Once again, thanks. I'm sure I'll be in a position to order a further piece, hopefully bigger, in the future."
Chris 06/12/2006

"The painting and print arrived today ['Soul Mates' and 'Beauty' by Dianne Heap]. They are absolutely stunning, much more than expected. Thank you so much."
Lorraine 05/12/2006

"I have been away for a few days and came home to my fab picture ['Pretty in Pink' by Anna Conversano]. Thank you so much it is better than its picture so I am delighted. I will look out for more animal portraits. Hope you sell loads."
Fiona 03/12/2006

"I have received the painting ['Female Nude' by Jane Kay] and it is superb. It is a present for my partner but I keep thinking about keeping it for myself!!!!"
Leeann Adams 01/12/2006

"I just wanted to say that 'Mellow' [by Gaynor Henaghan] arrived safely yesterday afternoon. It is a stunning piece and I am thrilled with it. I can't stop admiring it and I just love the textures and the way the colours blend into each other. You really are very talented. Thank you so much. I will be in touch again soon to place another order!"
Lucy 30/11/2006

"I've unpacked it and am exhausted! May I compliment you on the packing. Excellent! The painting is as gorgeous as I thought it was. Thank you so much. Just got to get my greyhound off the sofa now so that I can hang it!"
Jo 30/11/2006 ['Hounds' commission by Dianne Heap]

"Received painting today and delighted with it. Will find a nice wall in our new home to hang it! May I take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service and communication throughout this sale."
Ashley 30/11/2006 ['Unity' by Gaynor Henaghan]

"We have received the painting 'Soul Mates' [by Dianne Heap] this morning and are very pleased with the quality. Many thanks for a perfect picture, it is being framed and will look great on our wall."
Dave and Sharon Wilkins 28/11/2006

"I received the picture today ['Cock a Doodle Doo' by Maureen Crofts]. It's lovely."
Ana 27/11/2006

"Thank you for the lovely picture which arrived safely today ['Gate to Courtyard, Dartmouth' by Jacqui Slade]. It is everything I expected. I do appreciate the packing even though it took a long time to undo... made it more exciting. Thank you for the cards such a nice touch, will be looking at your site again."
Sue Medway 23/11/2006

"Thanks for 'Burden' [by Victoria Stanway], it arrived yesterday and is even better in the flesh. I am also interested in 'Green Belt' and I'll be in touch next week once I have sorted out where to hang 'Burden'."
Joanna 19/11/2006

"My mother brought the picture ['Night In Again' by Victoria Stanway] round last weekend. I am really pleased with it and it is even better in real life! Hopefully we will have time this weekend to hang it and show it off!"
Carol 16/11/2006

"The painting ['Hope Nobody Knows' by Victoria Stanway] arrived today and is even better than it looked on the website. Now that I can get a close look at it it's easier to appreciate the intricacy of the painting and I was particularly struck by the way your eye moves up through the all the houses and streets and ways and then at the top you have the contrast of the unadorned field and sky."
Barry Fogarty 10/11/2006

"Very happy with the painting [Daisy the Cow at Bedtime' by Hazel Semple] which adds some lovely, much needed colour to our room."
G. Bailie, Fulham, London 23/10/2006

"Happy Birthday to me! Thank you again for your wonderful work. All I have to do to bring a smile to my face is browse through your gallery! Can't wait till they're here!"
Drein 06/10/1006 ['Siamese Cocktails' and 'Siamese Cat' by Dianne Heap]

"The paintings arrived today ['Rose' and 'Eternity' by Katy Bason-Healey], and I can't take my eyes off them! It feels like the walls of my apartment were built to display them so thanks so much for bringing such happiness to an Irish gal! I'm a singer songwriter and I hope you wouldn't mind if I gave you and your work a mention on my website! Thanks so much, take care and keep painting."
Leona 30/09/2006

"The painting ['A Loch in Scotland' by Judith Webb] arrived this morning well packaged with fast delivery before I left the house. I have taken it out of the packaging but have left the tissue over it but had a peek under it. Painting is beautiful!"
Sue Patterson 27/09/2006

"Thanks for the painting - I love it!" ['Young Female with Pink Robe' by Judith Webb]
Pauline Wilson 27/09/2006

"The first piece of art by John Morris that I purchased was 'Satsuma'. This was in 2005. I chose this piece of art because I liked the colours: blue, green orange. Upon receiving this first piece of art I was in awe. 'How does he make this satsuma float above the surface?". Over a year later, with much inspection and admiration, I still can't work it out. As a result, I've purchased two new pieces which have recently arrived. 'Pears'. That is going to take some months of looking at before I can even begin to look at 'Still Life with Citrus Fruits'. Thank you, John, you art is adored up close from afar. The hard question now - which piece of beauty shall I choose next?"
Charles, Darwin, Australia 25/09/2006

"I received the print of 'Ely Cathedral' [by Barbara Harlow] this morning, it's lovely, thanks very much. It's actually a Christmas present for my father for whom Ely Cathedral is a special place and I'm sure he'll be delighted. This was my first 'on-line' art purchase so I'm delighted it all turned out well!"
Claire 21/09/2006

"Just wanted to let you know the art arrived ['January Dawn, Stornoway Harbour' and 'Blue Petals' by Seonaid Clarke] and is wonderful!!"
Nancy McAllister, Alabama, USA 19/09/2006

"Many thanks for the painting ['Narrow Boats on the River Wey, Guildford' by Jacqui Slade] which was delivered safe and sound yesterday. We are absolutely delighted with it and it will be much appreciated for many years to come. Thank you also for the lovely notelets which you kindly included and I am thrilled with."
Margaret Crosland 19/09/2006

"I received 'Lerryn' [by Maureen Crofts] yesterday morning and it is beautiful. It is a present for my mom's 60th birthday in October and my parents are great lovers of Cornwall, so I can't wait to see her face when shen opens it. Thank you so much for painting it and for sending it promptly and in perfect condition."
Jez 13/09/2006

"The painting ['Great Expectations' by Judith Webb] arrived safe and sound on Friday, I hung it in our hallway an directed some light onto it - it looks really really great, you should be proud of your work. Many thanks - I'll keep an eye on your gallery and feel sure I will buy another of your works soon."
Keith Hawtree 11/09/2006

"I own and show 2 Siamese cats which I love beyond most other things in this world, and can never find art that fits my taste. I very much like the hilarious depiction of them in the cartoons also the sharp style of the drawing. The 'life' paintings are superb! I want to purchase an awful lot more of your work for my bare walls if my budget allows! I will make a point of telling my Siamese friends about you! "
Ellie 11/09/2006 [commission of four Siamese paintings by Dianne Heap]

"Thank you, it's lovely and I know our friends (who are boaty people) will be thrilled... I like your very painterly style and will be keeping an eye on your part of the website. Thanks again for your delightful painting."
Jenifer 06/09/2006 ['Boat on the River Brue, Somerset' by Margaret Micklewright]

"Tonight I was watching my two Italian greyhounds and three cats play and I was struck by what an amazing job you do capturing their expressions. I see them in so many of your pieces. I am so impressed with your work and am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with you."
Kathleen 31/08/2006 [Pets wine label commission by Dianne Heap]

"Very happy with the recent artwork purchased from Katy Bason-Healey ['Lush'] and the communication with the artist. It looks great in our dining room and I look forward to buying more art online!"
Karan Gunn 31/08/2006

"Just a quick one to let you know that everyone is delighted with 'him' - my sister-in-law especially. 'He' was certainly worth waiting for!"
Margot 23/08/2006 ['White Horse' by Margaret Micklewright]

"I am so delighted by my painting of 'Hi Sexy' by Tina Ashton!! She is such a lovely and talanted person, I was so amazed by the picture it looks 10 x better now I have got it home. I will cherish it forever, I have now decided it is now going to be passed on to my children. Lost for words!!! Thank you Mini Gallery, thank you Tina."
Leah Couzens 22/08/2006

"My auntie commissioned another Machair Dunes for my 40th birthday; it arrived today via her van driver and looks fantastic - the depth of colour in particular makes it a very prominent piece.
Our house is 200 yards from the sea and it captures the essence of the play of light perfectly (and manages to pick up our woodwork almost perfectly).Thank you for a lovely painting."
Ann West 11/08/2006 ['Machair Dunes II' by Seonaid Clarke]

"I can't stop looking at it. I've gone all teary. Absolutely wonderful! Dave is going to be thrilled!
Dianne is just so talented. Once again, just delighted with the painting. It's more than I could have hoped for."
Paula 10/08/2006 ['Star & Tia' by Dianne Heap]

"Just to say the painting arrived safe and sound and it is lovely ['Trebarwith' by Maureen Crofts]. Thank you so much."
Sacha 31/07/2006

"I am thrilled with Stouffer, she is now resting after her journey. I bought her for my other half's 50th Birthday - but I am torn - I may just keep her for myself as a late 35th birthday present. 'Chuffed' is lovely and be assured that whether Stouffer stays with me or goes to live with Stephen, she will have a very good home."
Emma 05/07/2006 [painting by Victoria Stanway]

"Just to let you know that I have just this morning received the painting in safe condition ['Padstow Reflections' by Maureen Crofts]. I am really pleased with it - it is very calm and peaceful and I am sure the recipients will love it. Thank you also for the enclosures - the pen portrait and the card! Isn't the internet marvellous."
Vivien 03/07/2006

"Thank you for the watercolour, it arrived this morning, it's gorgeous, [...] I reckon your 'Vincent' has come to a good home where it will be warmly appreciated and much admired."
Mark Fogg 03/07/2006 [painting by Maureen Crofts]

"I received my print 'Liquid Rose' today from Julie Routley. It is simply beautiful! It arrived very nicely presented and well packaged too, many thanks to Julie, I just can't wait to get it framed and hung!"
Tina 22/06/2006

"Received the painting 'Moonlight' [by Katy Bason-Healey] safe and sound today. It will look fantastic against the newly painted raspberry coloured bedroom wall. Thanks again."
Zoe 15/06/2006

"We are over the moon with 'Beached' by Janette Boskett which arrived this morning and is already insitu under lights at our new London flat. Janette was a pleasure to deal with - the painting was packed solidly and delivered by courier without a hitch... we need more walls... and more Boskett!"
Michael Venutolo 01/06/2006

"The paintings look lovely ['Quantock Hills', 'Summer Woods' and 'Snowdonia' by Margaret Micklewright] - now framed and up in the front room!"
Claire 22/05/2006

"HE HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!! Words can't describe our feelings for him. He is just fantastic - we love him - love at first sight. You are so very gifted. Thank you for the opportunity to buy him. He will bring joy to us every minute of the day. Blue loved the box!!! Thank you Tina."
Terry & Shona Jones 22/05/2006 ['Spirit of the Ring' by Tina Ashton]

"The beautiful painting ['Tango on the Beach' by Ian Morris] arrived safe and sound and in perfect condition. I loved it when I saw it on Mini Gallery, but it is even more lovely in real life! The colours are so soft and clear. I am really delighted with it and am keeping my eye on the other two beach pictures you have available."
Anne 20/05/2006

"I love the paintings ['On top of the Clisham' and 'Lustintyre' by Seonaid Clarke]. Thank you very much."
Ken Ross, Kelso 17/05/2006

"Painting ['Calla Lilies' by Judith Webb] arrived safe and sound this morning, and it's lovely - thanks very much for sending it on so soon!"
Gillian 17/05/2006

"Thank you so much for the very prompt arrival of my 3 paintings this morning. I am thrilled with them. As I have four miniature dachshunds, the painting ['Afternoon Nap' by Dianne Heap] is so lovely to have. I look forward to shopping with you at a later date."
Evelyn Power 11/05/2006

"The print arrived safely last week and is now up in my bedroom ['Crimson Heart' by Seonaid Clarke]. I love it - as does my boyfriend (which I am surprised by given that it's floral!!!)
Thanks again. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me before too long as I rather like a few more of your items on the website.
Lynda, Bristol 09/05/2006

"Bought 'Patchwork Red' by Katy Bason-Healey as a gift. The recipient is delighted with the rich colours and the texture of the piece and the process of purchase via the web site was very smooth."
Ken 06/05/2006

"The painting arrived safely and is already up on display ['Babe the Pig' by Anna Conversano]. I am very pleased with it and love the bright colours!"
Vicki 05/05/2006

"I am over the moon... you are so very talented and I thank you. It is nice to have (even a print) from your talented hands. I love it so much!"
Irene, Belfast 03/05/2006 ['Bride's Bouquet of Calla Lilies' by Judith Webb]

"It's great, we're really pleased with it." ['Storm Clouds Gathering Over the Isle of Skye' by Judith Webb]
Matt and Emma 02/05/2006

"Bought 'Amazed II Golden Moments' from artist Tina Ashton could not be happier with the painting. Service great, received artwork the day after Tina had sent it with plenty of bubble wrap.
P.S. My daughter would like me to leave the painting in my will for her, but not for a long time hopefully..."
Edith McRorie 29/04/2006

"I have received it, thank you. It's absolutely perfect."
Melanie 26/04/2006 ['Ferryboat Hut, Walberswick'by Barbara Harlow]

"I recently purchased 3 works from Stella Dunkley and Carol Dunne ['Relaxing in Blue']. They are beautiful pieces. We have decorated a flat in London with a wave theme with lots of blues... we have an interior designer who stopped by yesterday and said he could not have selected any better paintings. The paintings arrived overnight express in perfect condition... thanks to Stella, Carol and the gallery."
Mike V. 18/04/2006

"The painting ['No Reason to Move' by Victoria Stanway] made it safely through the airport x-ray and I love it, thank you."
Sarah Moynihan 13/04/2006

"I am absolutely over the moon with the new artwork ['Bronzed II', 'Antique Rose' and 'Pearl Pink Rose' by Gaynor Henaghan], they look beautiful hung and are even better in the flesh than on the gallery. I know I will be buying more of your work in the very near future."
Rosemary 13/04/2006

"We love your paintings ['The Wing is Flapping' and 'Vertigo' by Victoria Stanway] they look great on the wall. They are much nicer in real life than looking at them on the internet. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to dealing with you in the future." Leonard Howell 04/04/2006

"It was a pleasure to speak to you as well. They delivered the AMAZING paintings to me this evening!! I LOVE 'Rapture'!! Thank you so much. Thank you for everything."
Nicole Maury, USA 02/04/2006 [commission of diptych painting by Gaynor Henaghan]

"I have just purchased 2 beautiful 'field poppy' paintings from Thalia Stones, and as a Mini Gallery virgin I have to admit I was a bit nervous. However just a week after sending an enquiry to Thalia they have arrived, well packed and as good as I had expected. Now all I need is a big lottery win to buy up all the lovely paintings I keep spotting!"
Susannah Murphy 01/04/2006

"I wanted to let you know that we received our artwork ['Acumen', 'Moves, 'Warm Swirl' and four other commissions by Gaynor Henaghan] yesterday. Each piece was just wonderful and exactly what we were looking for. They are all now hanging on our walls and will be so great to have in place for our house warming party Saturday. You have truly been a pleasure to work with and I hope to do business with you again in the future. You have my highest recommendation. I know I will find more walls in our home as we live there longer that will need one of your pieces. Thank you again for working with us and within our tight timeline."
Ashley Clark, USA 23/03/2006

"Love the picture ['Bland' by Victoria Stanway]. Looks great up and am very pleased. Thank you."
Rick Hubbard 17/03/2006

"I received 'Retreat' [by Victoria Stanway] in perfect condition on Wednesday last week, but we put it up at the weekend. Had to wait until we were ready to hang it before taking it out of the very secure packaging - we've got 3 cats who can't be trusted! Have to say we absolutely love it! The colours and the depth are almost mesmerising. We decided to hang it in the bedroom so we can enjoy it more, it was fine in the hallway but we were walking past it all the time rather than appreciating it :-)"
Claire Ashley 13/03/2006

"The painting ['Promise' by Gaynor Henaghan] is even better in the 'flesh'."
Kevin & Lynn Griffin 06/03/2006

"Just to let you know the painting has arrived ['Gold Leaf' by Katy Bason-Healey] and I am really pleased with it. It will look great in my living room."
Georgina Bennett 06/03/2006

"Wow! The picture is beautiful, everything I hoped for and then some!"
K. Hurman 02/03/2006 ['Caldicot Castle' by Jane Kay]

"The paintings ['The Bridesmaid' and 'Gallows Hill in Bloom' by Seonaid Clarke] arrived and are fantastic!! Love the frames too! I will certainly purchase again!"
Nancy MacAllister, Alabama, USA 02/03/2006

"We received the painting ['Study of Red Flowers' by Angela Melkis] today and I've just hung it on the wall, it's spot on, just what we wanted, we are well happy with it! The shades of red are perfect! Many thanks again for your great work Angela!"
Karl Whiting 28/02/2006

"I was delighted with the purchases I made from Katy Bason-Healey ['Saffron' and 'Sweet Heart'] - they arrived quickly and were just as described by Katy. I would use Mini Gallery again - have recommmend site to friends."
Anastasia Watling 27/02/2006

"We look forward to displaying your artwork ['Promise' by Gaynor Henaghan]. It will look perfect in our new flat. Thank you for your very prompt business and all the best for the future."
K & L Griffin 24/02/2006

"'Inauthentic' [self portrait by Victoria Stanway] is great. It is going to hang in a very light new bathroom on wall opposite the head end of the bath! When it returns from the framers that is. Trust this does not offend as it is a picture of you after all. Thanks, delivery and packaging were spot on."
Alec Turner 24/02/2006

"Many thanks to Ian Morris for his 'Venetian Light' - I purchased it on Monday and it arrived packed beautifully and in perfect condition on Thursday! The colours are so Venice and he's really captured the place's ethereal wateriness, if that makes sense. A reminder of many happy times there..."
Jo Heinrich 23/02/2006

"I have just received the wonderful Manhattan Nights [from Katy Bason-Healey]. The colours and textures are fantastic and it has brought a lovely warm feeling to our sitting room. The canvas already feels like an old friend. Even my children are a fan of yours and they normally hate everything I buy - thanks for giving me some street cred! I will definitely be purchasing more of your work very soon!"
Debbie Butler 20/02/2006

"The picture ['All in Green' by Seonaid Clarke] has arrived and it's lovely. Thanks."
Ana, Edinburgh 09/02/2006

"Just wanted to let you know my boyfriend loved the painting! ['Vanilla Case' by Tina Ashton] It was a great success, and we both sat and looked at it for ages after hanging it. We both think its beautiful, very aesthetically satisfying!"
Nicky Powell 05/02/2006

"It arrived today!! I love it!! Must have more of your work!!"
Nancy McAllister 04/02/2006 ['Teignmouth' by Margaret Micklewright]

"I purchased John Morris's 'Four Fruits' a little while back. Now we and the painting are settled into the new home. It looks FANTASTIC! Cheers me every time I look at it. John couldn't have been more accomodating throughout the sale process too and the wrapping, well... Houdini-proof! Thanks John :o)"
Lorna 29/01/2006

"The painting ['In the Valley' by Anna Conversano] arrived safely and is already up on display. I am very pleased with it and love the bright colours.
Vicki 30/01/2006

"Thank you very much! The painting arrived this morning ['Quantock Hills' by Margaret Micklewright] and is absolutely delightful, much better than its online image. I'm really very grateful to you. I wish you every possible success with your forthcoming exhibitions."
Tim Nagley 19/01/2006

"The prints ['Call Me', 'OK Sweetie' and 'Precious' by Tina Ashton] arrived safely this afternoon. There was miles of bubble wrap... but your care really paid off!! "Wow wow wow, fantastic, couldn't be happier"... that's a quote from Shona. As you will gather we really like them. They really work on the box frame. Now contemplating something for my study!! Tonight is going to be focused on picture hanging. Thanks again for all your efforts in getting the prints to us so quickly (and of course for painting them!!)"
Terry & Shona Jones 16/01/2006

"The drawing 'Terriers' in Gilli Sand's gallery is of our Welsh and wire haired fox terriers. It is breathtaking. Never before have we seen a pen and ink drawing that could bring a beloved pet to life like this. Words cannot describe how much we love our picture."
Ty and Judy Cooke, Lubbock, Texas, USA 14/01/2006

"I just wanted to praise the work of Gilli Sands, I am in Florida and had her do a portrait of my dog, marvellous is not enough to sum up her work!"
Mrs S. Ryan, Florida, USA 13/01/2006

"Excellent service from Katy Bason-Healey... efficient, quick and friendly. I asked for 'Scarlet II' to be dispatched the next day and it was! Superb!"
Zeenat 12/01/2006

"I have recently purchased a painting by Hazel Semple of a doughnut ['Iced Ring Doughnut']. It is a really bright piece which will look amazing in my kitchen. I will certainly look at purchasing more paintings from this collection in the future."
Hetty Thornton, Norfolk 06/01/2006

"Just a note to say that I think the painting is wonderful - I'm sure my sister will love it! I would also like to say what a pleasure it has been
dealing with you; very professional and courteous. Thank you again."
N. Holmes 04/01/2006 ['Rested' was commissioned from Gaynor Henaghan]

"Thanks so much for 'Huge Heart of Gold' Katy! It is truly stunning and perfect for the long-bare wall in our bedroom. It arrived just in time for Xmas too - thanks for getting it to us so quickly."
Ros, Hertford 29/12/2005 [painting by Katy Bason-Healey]

"I have just bought a painting for my wife by Katy Bason-Healey. It's a Christmas present and I'm sure she will be delighted with it. Thanks."
Paul Freegard 23/12/2005

"We ordered 'Squible' from Katy Bason-Healey last week. Arrived promptly and very happy with the painting. It was a wedding present for someone - however we are feeling reluctant to let it go! Thanks again."
John Clinkenbeard 18/12/2005

"I received a brief message from my daughter to say the painting ['Holiday in a Tropical Paradise' by Hazel Semple] had arrived safely and that she was delighted with it - thank you for your very efficient service."
Jane Sik 07/12/2005

"I have received my order ['Stained Glass Leaves' by Hazel Semple] and am very pleased with it. I adore the autumnal colours and will certainly visit your website again."
Christine Bishop 22/11/2005

"I received my amazing painting ['Beware of the Dog' by Anna Conversano] this morning. Wow! It's great!! Thank you."
Emma Keane 10/11/2005

"I got the paintings ['Tulip I' and 'Tulip II' by Hazel Semple] today! ... They are fantastic, I am very pleased with them. Keep me updated about your new paintings."
Alfredo, Solihull, West Midlands 11/10/2005

"Many thanks for the painting ['Signposts' by Anne Twist] which arrived very safely. It is just beautiful - I love the colour combination and it looks very well on my orange painted walls!"
Geraldine, Dublin 15/09/2005

"Thanks for sending the painting ['Funky Love' by Judith Webb] so quickly. Me and my husband are over the moon with it, we used the last of our wedding money to purchase the painting which we will treasure, the only problem is, is deciding which room to put the painting in."
Jen, Swinton, Greater Manchester 14/09/2005

"We just bought 'Maelstrom Pending' by Judith Webb, and we are thrilled with it! It was our first anniversary present from my parents and our first piece of artwork. We love the colors and it looks great on our wall!"
Nora & Jed, Madison, Wisconsin, USA 12/09/2005

"I have just received 'Bombon' [by Anna Conversano] and I am absolutely delighted - love him!! Thank you so much."
Joanie Mallony 02/09/2005

"Our painting [a commission piece similar to 'Red Hot Sunset' by Judith Webb] has just been delivered and it is absolutely stunning. The real thing is infinitely superior to the on-screen version - it is truly perfect. I can't tell you how happy we are with our beautiful sunset, once framed it will take pride of place in our dining room. A million thank you's, it has been a complete pleasure doing business with you."
Jan and Doug Sims, Avock, Ross-shire 30/08/2005

"Thank you so much for the delivery so swiftly [a commission piece similar to 'Glorious Autumn Colours' by Judith Webb]. It's fantastic and exactly what we asked for. Your interpretation of our instructions was spot on."
Chris Casserley, Northwood, Middlesex on 19/08/2005

"Just to say Dave opened the painting yesterday and was absolutely thrilled. He has chosen the spot in the lounge where he plans to hang it and kept saying 'what a special present'. Thank you again for your very swift response and for all your help. His 40th birthday present is definitely one he'll remember."
Kirstin Stansfield 18/07/2005 ['Choices' was commissioned from Gaynor Henaghan]

"I have just received 'Checkers' from Pauline Reed. The whole process was very smooth with regular updates on the progress of my painting. The painting itself is excellent and compliments our living room perfectly. Would certainly consider buying another painting from this artist... the only downside is it means more decorating for me!!"
Colin Potter 27/04/2005

"John Morris! John Morris! What a talent! Absolutely top bloke with a sense of irony to well match mine! If only I was as artistic... John is a true gent. His work is so refreshing. The piece I bought, 'Catch Me If You Can' (Ha! You all SO missed out on that one) is so different to anything else I have. But that's the beauty of it. Its 'in your face' to the extent it dwarfs everything else, so no one will notice the changeover in my (small!) collection. Please look at John's work. You will feed his hungry offspring! You will save me money! If you buy John's work, there will be none left for me to buy! My hungry child will thank you! Oh, he does commissions... Sorry my son, it's back on the tinned beans... Joking aside art loving people, John is a top bloke, happy to help with colour schemes, frame ideas etc. You would be a very potty person to not look at John's work!"
Sarah Crossland 24/04/2005

"The painting arrived this morning Judie [Yorkshire Terriers Chloe and Sophie by
Judith Webb]. It's brilliant - Thank you!!!!! It's even better in the flesh."
Debbie 24/02/2005

"Just a quick note to say thank you for sending the painting ['Red Sky' by Hazel Semple] so quickly - it looks great."
Phil Iley, Bath, Somerset 13/01/2005

"I must say I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across Dianne Heap and her wonderful greyhound paintings (being a greyhound lover). The quality is superb and so unusual I've even found myself buying country scenes. "When will it ever stop?" Thank you for superb service and friendly advice. What an easy way to buy quality art, well done Dianne, I look forward to buying more of your art."
Mel Baker 14/08/2004

"I came across Mini Gallery purely by chance looking for a painting for my father-in-law's 60th birthday. I still haven't found what I want for him but bought a lovely canvas for me instead!!!! Sent the cheque and I've just received a mail to say the painting ['Flame Red Hot Poppies' by Dianne Heap] is on its way. Excellent service - very user friendly site - wonderful! I am indeed a very happy shopper!"
Angela van Nuland 13/07/2004

"With such an eclectic range of paintings at Mini Gallery, and of such a high quality, it was quite a task (but an enjoyable one) choosing between several artists. After much deliberation I eventually decided on the work of Rosalind Roberts and in particular on one of her lovely Italian landscapes, 'A Quiet Place', which I admired so much for its serene beauty and masterly depth and luminosity. The painting arrived yesterday in perfect condition and in good time all the way from Milan to London. I was very impressed with the ease with which I was able to purchase it and the speed with which it was dispatched to me. The painting itself is a joy to behold, everything I hoped it would be and more. Wonderful. I am now keen to acquire a second painting by the same artist who I feel has an unique and quite exceptional talent. Well done Mini Gallery and many thanks to Rosalind."
G. Lester 25/05/2004

"The iris is breath-taking ['Iris I' by Hazel Semple]. Thank you! I picked it up from the post office today, in time to enjoy for Easter."
Janene Wandersee, Phoenix, Arizona, USA 11/04/2004

"Thank you for the painting, which arrived promptly yesterday ['Daisy the Cow' by Hazel Semple]. It is as lovely as I remembered it."
Stephan Schoettl, London 27/11/2003

"Hi Hazel, Gareth bought 'Ocean III' [by Hazel Semple] for me for my birthday. I instinctively enjoyed the vibrancy of the colours in this picture. It reminds me of the sea in Catalunya where we frequently go."
Lynne, Northumberland 06/10/2003

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