How to contact an artist

Can I contact an artist directly?
Yes, Mini Gallery does not deal with enquiries on behalf of the artists as we are completely commission free.

We have a number of ways in which you can contact the artists directly depending on how the individual artist has chosen to use his or her gallery space as described below.

If you have found the Mini Gallery of an artist you like click where it says ‘contact’ in their Mini Gallery links either at the top or the bottom of each page and you will see the artist’s contact details and enquiry form which you can use to email your chosen artist directly. He or she may also display on the page other contact details such as a telephone number which you can use instead if preferred.

Can I ask an artist to create a piece of art for me, do all artists accept commissions?
Artists who specialise in portraiture whether human or animals will often display some examples and invite further commissions.

Additionally most artists working in any subject and medium ranging from architectural drawings to landscape photography to abstract paintings welcome enquiries regarding possible commissions.

It is well worth asking if there is a piece you would like in a different colour, size or other variation or if you have an idea in mind. Many of the artists have more original artwork or prints for example so they may well be able to send you further examples of work they have already completed or will be happy to take on a brand new project especially for you!

If you find an artist whose work you like then do get in touch to see if they can help with your particular requirements.

How do I make an enquiry about a particular artwork?
When you find an artwork you would like to purchase or enquire about there may be a number of options available according to the different icons next to the image.

question mark iconThe question mark icon
Click this to contact the artist with a question eg. the work shown may be an example with similar pieces available by request.

quote marks iconQuote marks icon
Click this to negotiate a price with the artist, you can make an offer and see if it is acceptable.

eCard iconEcard icon
Click this to send the image as a free electronic email greetings card to a friend or family member to see what they think of it. This is very handy if you are considering making a joint purchase or looking for gift ideas.

basket iconBasket icon
Click this to proceed to placing an order for the artwork.

See 'how to buy art online' for further information about the buying process