About My Art

My art is inspired by the moment, be it something I've seen, or experienced, or imagined. It can also be inspired by challenges set by others, such as commissions for specific subjects, like portraits and boats. I approach each painting on its own merit, adopting the style and technique that feels best for the individual subject.

Whilst my gallery contains a wide range of styles, there are clear groups of work undertaken in the same style e.g. my Purbeck series were all undertaken using Liquitex acrylic on stretch canvas with strong vibrant colours, whereas the Gates & Archways series were all painted in watercolour with a much softer style.

My Fantasy works are an opportunity to do something really unconventional and imaginative; something that allows me self-expression after working on a very disciplined and detailed piece of work. Generally, my fantasy works are quite loose and unrestrained, but sometimes I get so carried away with the creativity I end up with very complicated and time consuming pieces e.g. 'Flight Over the Serengeti' and two similar pieces, in which the backgrounds are made up of thousands of individually hand-painted dots!

I do hope you enjoy viewing my works. Please make contact if you would like one, using the button at the bottom of this page.