About My Art

My art is representational, as I have a Graphics Diploma specializing in illustration, although increasingly I am loosening up in my work. I love colour and am unlikely to produce a painting in neutral colours. I am currently using brushwork in oils more like Berthe Morisot's to enliven my paintings, as a result of the Impressionist course I have been teaching.

I've now had my work exhibited 38 times, often in solo exhibitions. I also have many happy customers for my portraits of children, adults and pets.

My main inspiration is Nature, especially animals - and mainly big cats, whose power and beauty, plus their lazy grace, I find fascinating. For every big cat painting I sell, 10% is donated to the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

From time to time I go back to watercolours, where I am enjoying throwing and moving paint around to create an impression of a dramatic seascape or huge wave. As I have recently spent a month living on a boat at sea I have first-hand experience of the colours, light effects, and feeling of movement!

I try to work quickly in order to capture the first inspiration which a new subject gives me. I am constantly trying new effects and colours in order to keep my work fresh. My main sources of inspiration are natural beauty, especially in animals, the sea, and dance. I hope my love of colour and light show in my work.

I am taking my Art Club members outdoors to paint quite often now, and am enjoying the challenge of painting in oils outside, despite the physical difficulties of battling wind and weather. I so admire Sorolla and the French Impressionists who produced some of their greatest work on location.