About My Art

There are no limits, all is possible. I enjoy working at or near the edge between the figurative and the abstract. Not always comfortable a place to be in, it does provide the stimulus to stay away from the photographic, the detail, the banal. Why should one even try to imitate a camera?

I work in oils and acrylics mainly. Pastels and watercolour provide a necessary diversion to the rigour of painting for a living, often providing a source of inspiration. Working with students often means working with pastels and watercolour. I do enjoy the relaxation this provides.

With landscapes and seascapes I like to try and work en plein air whenever the opportunity arises, at least to start with. Often the product is refined in the studio. The memory of the scene can sometimes be more powerful than the reality, the product can take on new dimensions when, for example, the fuzz of memory, or better, the day-dream factor is added.

Colour itself can be the ultimate driver in expressing these ideas, these dimensions, providing the glue between the various blocks or themes, sometimes the colour itself providing the emotional fire. I love colour and I love what I do with colour.