Bull Elk

Acrylic, giclee print

Bull Elk

About Bull Elk

BULL ELKS are often exhausted after the rut, and very vulnerable to predators such as wolves and/or bears. Having used up much of their energy reserves, they face a daunting winter ahead. They then shed, or drop their antlers, and begin the process of growing them again for the new year. The velvet covering the antlers of a spring bull is actually the energy source for this new growth, supplying the antlers with the nutrients needed for such quick growth. By the end of the summer, early September, the bulls will have regrown an entire set of new antlers, quite an amazing feat.
TITLE: Bull Elk
ARTIST: John Barnard Add John Barnard to my favourites
MEDIA: Acrylic
SIZE: 420x297 mm / 16.54x11.69 inches
FORMAT: giclee print
FRAMING: unframed
PRICE: £55.00GBP
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