Customer Comments

Message Hi John,

I just came across your painting "lunar rising" and just had to comment on how beautiful that painting is and how much the sky means to me. You have captured the true beauty of the moon in this piece of art and it is just...amazing.
Keep up the good work


Good Morning,

My name is Breanne Preisen and I am contacting you from Delaware State
Parks, here in the US. One of our parks has an old U.S. Life Saving
Station and we are in the process of making a movie for the visitors that
come to the Life Saving Station. We found your "stormy lighthouse"
picture and would LOVE to use it in our movie, but it is copyrighted. Are
we allowed to use your photo, or do we need to pay a fee? Thank you
very much and have a pleasant day!

Thankyou for replying, i chose your Urban decay' piece to analyse for my a-level art project. You have really helped me as I can understand your intention and purpose of doing this piece, so thankyou. By the way I really admire your work.


Hi John

Your painting arrived this morning(FINE JUMPER). It's fabulous it will look fantastic in our boardroom!

Thanks again and I'll be sure to pass on your details to potential customers!