About My Art

I love to express myself, and painting is one of my favorite ways, I experiment by trying different mediums to express what I see and feel in my art.
Whether it is oils, acrylics, watercolours, or soft pastels the effect can often be quite exciting as well as challenging.
My inspiration comes from all that is around us in nature, the sea, with its ever-changing mood, wild, windy or calm and tranquil,
The magnificent, and awe inspiring mountains, looming out of the mists.
The soft rolling hills, with sudden hidden valleys, lush with meadow sweet flowers.
Reflections on the wet pavements in the city a mirror image of the bright lights, or the deep puddles after a shower of rain, capturing the golden glow as the sun peeks from out of the gray clouds. Each has its own intrinsic beauty. An inspiration to capture on canvas.

Flowers, roses. Tulips, lilies, the humble dandelion all have provided me with an inspiration for a painting.
Dandelions are as delicate as a will of the wisp, perhaps a gardeners nightmare but still lovely for a painting.
Finally the Fun and Funky, with Chess Your move now, Chess What's the next move? and A Musical challenge. Each created to bring humour to my art,