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Katie Thomas

Bristol, Avon

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Mini Gallery updated Monday 17th March 2014

Welcome to my Mini Gallery

I am a self taught amateur artist. I enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age and, for me, much peace and satisfaction arises from being creative.

I decided to take on the challenge of GCSE Art and quickly fell in love with art materials and the different effects you could achieve with their use. I loved the smell of the paint and the way you can mix it in thick blobs or in dainty quantities to achieve your desired effect. I quickly found I had a talent for colour mixing. During my GCSE I took great pleasure in drawing and painting natural objects such as mushrooms, shells and fruit and vegetables.

My, 'A,' level included a, 'Trompe L'Oeil,' ('Trick of the Eye') Project, where I created a table with objects painted on it, the idea being that they looked real. I particularly enjoyed this project as I relish being meticulous and painting detail, so this was an ideal one for me.

I have always had a deep seated interest in wildlife. I was fortunate to have parents who enjoyed the outdoors and actively encouraged me to develop my love and knowledge of it. I think animals and plants are beautiful and magical. I find wildlife calming and grounding - a nice break from a hectic world and a reminder that life is present, survives and goes on beyond the human world. Currently, I am enjoying feeding the birds and watching them out of the window, seeing their beautiful colours and tiny little bodies. It gives me great pleasure to be so close to nature.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Please note that I also have another website which I started as a hobby a couple of years ago, from which you can create products from my art work such as notecards, mugs, prints and other items. It also sells products that I have already designed myself. The site is*. I also have another Zazzle store:* .

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