About My Art

As an abstract artist I work with colour and texture to create the original designs on my canvases. I work with acrylic paint & love to mix the paint to create the warm & vibrant colours in my paintings. I often use metallic paint in my paintings. I love the way metallic paint reflects the light. I like to experiment with paint to find a combination of colour that I feel happy to work with. I often find myself going through periods of working in the same colours.

I really like to apply the paint thickly, often in many layers to create a lot of very deep texture to the painting. I feel this adds a great depth & quality to the finished design.

I will use a variety of tools whilst painting, mainly a good selection of different sized brushes and palette knives to add deep highlights and textures.

I prefer to work on box canvases as they are ready to hang without the need for framing. I finish the painting by painting the canvas around the edge's and applying a high quality varnish to bring out the colours & protect the painting.