About My Art

The pleasure and satisfaction I look for when painting is capturing the character and essence of my subject. Its not good enough to recreate an image, I have a camera that will do that! Its something more, the sparkle in the eye, the look they give so that in years to come my artwork will invoke memories, reminders of a special partnership or an important family member.
Animals can be such a huge part of our lives and a portrait can be a wonderful, unique gift for someone as well as a treasured present to yourself.
I feel privileged each time I am asked to paint a pet portrait and take care to ensure you are happy with the results, emails of the finished work are always sent before I request any payment so you can be confident about the painting you will receive.
Although I will try and work from any photographs it is important to remember that the better the photograph the better the results as the clearer the image the more detail I can include in the painting. You dont have to be a proffessional photographer though and I am happy to look at your images and give you an honest opinion of the finished artwork I would hope to achieve.
Paintings take on average 30 to 40 hours to complete and although I will always aim to complete by a certain deadline please try and contact me well in advance as sometimes (especially towards Christmas) I have a waiting list and hate to disappoint.