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I love to paint many different subjects but my favourites have to be the sea and the sky. I love coastal scenes, rugged beaches, little hidden away bays and stormy seas. I love landscapes too, the dramatic lighting of thundery skies and the effect it has on the land. Again I like the ruggedness of places like the Highlands of Scotland, the Lake district and the coastlines of South West England, but my favourite is definitely Ireland. I instantly fell in love with the place, it is so beautiful and full of character.

I work in watercolours, acrylics and oils. I enjoy all of them equally and decide which to use depending on the subject and my mood! When I paint I try to make the most of the unpredictability of the paint itself, very rarely do I end up with the painting I set out to do, sometimes these 'accidents' can add depth and detail that I would never have thought of adding.

Almost all of my paintings are created using photographs I have taken as a reference. When I paint I try to convey the spirit of a place as well as the view. I sometimes use a bit of artistic licence, leaving some things out, changing the colour of other things but only where I see it will add to the atmosphere and overall feeling of a painting. When choosing which photographs to paint, I look at several things including the balance or composition, the light and contrast and also how much interest there is within it, will it hold the viewers attention? Would it stop someone in their tracks if they were walking past it?

If you have any questions about my paintings and photography or the process of buying from my website please feel free to contact me I am always happy to hear from people. Below are a few pieces of practical information regarding my work.