About My Art

I work in acrylic mostly on canvas. I like to use acrylic due to its fast drying time, as I can be quite expressive at times this really suites my style. I like to paint harbour scenes and coastel landscapes mostly as I have always liked visiting these places since I was a child. We always had are holidays around the English coast especially the west coast. I have very fond memories of these holidays and this inspires me to paint.
I do paint other subjects including Landscapes, still life and portraiture.
Some of my work is from memory of what I have seen in my past. Sometimes I will plan my work using sketches and / or photograph. Sometimes I just let my imagination take me and paint what is in my mind, and according to my mood, this could build into a picture or become an abstraction.
I am always looking for new inspiration, and im always working on new ideas. My work will be changing all the time as i experiment with new ways and new material to bring to life my world of creations.