About My Art

I find inspiration everywhere, from the marina and harbour in Weymouth to the bustling market and commons near my home in South West London. It is often the most ordinary of subjects that stimulates my creativity. For instance, a simple sketch of a dinghy moored at the marina sparked a number of print treatments, all of them different. I travel with an ipad, sketch book and camera to record images which can inspire a finished work.

I paint in acrylics and oils on canvas, board and paper. I create visuals at source, including sketches, colour references and photographs. I bring these into the studio to guide the painting although imagination takes over pretty quickly!

My prints draw on various techniques, including etching, drypoint, linocut, woodcut, collograph and monotype, and more increasingly a combination of techniques. The plate making process can take several hours. Once completed, I make a limited edition of prints, no more than ten. I rarely complete an edition of identical prints but prefer to vary each image with hand colouring, collage or simply a different combination of inks. In this way, each print is as original as a painting. More recently I have begun to experiment with different approaches to making printing plates, using everyday materials such as food packaging, or found objects such as driftwood.

My paintings are largely figurative whilst my prints can be figurative, semi-abstract or purely abstract. Vibrant colour and texture feature strongly.