Snow Trees, Wandsworth Common

Collograph, mounted & framed original artwork

Snow Trees, Wandsworth Common

About Snow Trees, Wandsworth Common

This is a handmade collograph print with additional hand colouring. The particular combination of inks make this image entirely unique. It is signed and labelled EV 7/7, signifying that it was the second print pulled from a variable edition of seven. This is a delicate image in shades of brown and lilac. It represents an abstracted view of stark trees in the January snow on Wandsworth Common.

This print comes mounted in ivory to a size of 40cm x 40cm and framed in a narrow mahogany coloured wood frame.

TITLE: Snow Trees, Wandsworth Common
ARTIST: Louise Gillard Add Louise Gillard to my favourites
MEDIA: Collograph
DATE: 2010
SIZE: 187x180 mm / 7.36x7.09 inches
MOUNTED SIZE: 400x400 mm / 15.75x15.75 inches
FRAMED SIZE: 400x400 mm / 15.75x15.75 inches
FORMAT: mounted & framed original artwork
FRAMING: framed

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