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Louise Irish

18 artworks

Mini Gallery updated Friday 6th February 2015

Welcome to my Mini Gallery

Welcome to my gallery, where you will find a variety of styles and media. My subject matter is largely representative rather than abstract, but I like to play around with what is real and present it in a slightly different light, focusing on particular aspects of the subject matter such as form shape and colour, and bringing them a distinctive emphasis.

Most of my current paintings are in acrylic or mixed media. All the work is original.

My current Gallery Rooms 1-5 are organised into the following loose categories:
Room 1 : New paintings those most recently added
Room 2 : Patterns a response to patterns in the world around us
Room 3 : A miscellany of landscapes no one particular style, just a similar theme
Room 4 : Floral paintings and interiors
Room 5 : Figurative concerned with people as the main subject

If there are any pieces that you particularly like the style of and would like something similar please do not hesitate to ask.

I would be very glad of any comments relating to my paintings.