A little bit about me

My self-portrait
My self-portrait

2011 BA Fine Art
2014 Studying for MA in Fine Art


Leicester Creative Business Centre - Joint exhibition with Maggie Lewis 'Don't Try This At Home.'

Leicester University, Embrace Arts - Mixed exhibition with Knighton Lane Artists 'Banquet Hurrah'

Rixensart, Belgium - Mixed Exhibition with European Artists

Llewellyn Alexander Gallery London - Mixed Feline Exhibitions

The Curve Theatre - Mixed Exhibition with DeMontfort Fine Art Society

Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, Solo exhibition

I belong to Kirby Bellars Group of Artists who have an annual exhibition in May of every year. We meet on a weekly basis working indoors throughout the winter and go out sketching the landscape during the summer months.

I had a studio space with Knighton Lane Artists but now have my own studio so have become an associate member of this group.

I am a qualified teacher but am planning to spend more time working in my studio in the near future.

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