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Nicky Luck

Beckenham, Kent

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Mini Gallery updated Tuesday 10th June 2014

Welcome to my Mini Gallery

Hello and welcome to my Mini Gallery.
My inspiration for a painting could literally be anything. Every day I see things that inspire me. A beautiful rose in a garden, a patterned dress worn by my niece or a wallpaper in a DIY store. Inspiration is everywhere. My Art Teacher once described my paintings as 'Disney meets Japan '. Unbeknown to him this was a real compliment (and very perceptive!). I have always loved the magical landscapes and make-believe worlds in Children's animated films. The enchanting trees and beautiful flowers were mesmerising to me as a young girl (with the storyline being a definite second!) I've also had a life-long fascination with the elegant and graceful patterns often found on textiles and prints. I adore the designs on Kimonos and Oriental banners. All this comes through in my work.

Whilst art means an infinite number of things to others, I am clear on what my art means to me. It's my personal history laid bare and my future hopes mapped out. It's an expression of my inner self and a reflection of my outer world. It's a suspension of natural laws. My postcard from other worlds.

People buy art for many reasons. Some want to add beauty to their surroundings, to feel good, to add colour, to smile, to reflect, to remember. Small things but so important in today's world. To be part of this reaction, however small, is humbling.

My favourite answer as to why someone chose a particular painting - 'because it was supposed to live with me. It said so'.

Thank you.