About My Art

I aim to paint everyday and if I go too long without painting I get very angsty. Painting is like my best friend and I am lost without it. I am trying to create an emotional response to nature in my work and very often its a fleeting moment of light that inspires me. Up until a couple of years ago, I painted from life, sketches and occasionally photographs. Lately I have been experimenting with painting from memory, seeking to create a more intuitive response to what inspires me. I walk everyday and make sketches and am continually amazed at how everyday the light is different, creating a different mood.

Working in oil, I paint on canvas or board and first start with an under painting and then build the painting up. I use brushes with broad strokes, palette knives, fingers and even old credit cards. Sometimes I will end up scraping back layers, adding paint and taking it away to create the right effect. If a painting is really annoying me sometimes I will put it away for sometime and come back to it with a fresh eye.