About My Art

My painting style is strongly influenced by my early exposure to Scottish Painting while at Edinburgh College of Art where I studied under Sir William Gillies and Sir Robin Phillipson. I also find great inspiration in the paintings of Joan Eardley whose work I greatly admire.

The Scottish Painters' love of colour, texture, expressive brushwork and the natural rhythms of the landscape is strongly reflected in my work.

Even if the view is not, in the accepted sense,"spectacular" I hope to prove that there is so much more to see in the scene, whether it be the range of colour, the mood of the weather or season, the effect of light or the pattern of textures of grasses, crops, stone or brick.

I am drawn to the more unusual aspect rather than the obvious (the back yard, or the gently crumbling cottage) and the contrast in the quality of light in different parts of the world; it may be the brilliance and clarity of light in the Mediterranean countries, that of the softer English east-coast or the luminescence of the sea and the vivid colours of bracken and lichen up on the north-east coast of Scotland.