About My Art

I paint mostly in oil colours, on stretched canvas. Sometimes I plan out a painting carefully, sketching it first and getting the composition just right, and transferring it onto the canvas by using a grid. Other times I will simply start painting away with an open mind, on an idea I may have, and refine it as I go along. I have had successes and failures with both of these methods, it just depends what mood I'm in at the time.

I usually like to have several paintings on the go at once, putting one aside for a few days, and then getting it out after a while. This will sometimes reveal things I'm not entirely happy with. Of course, I like to work in daylight but it is not always possible, especially in winter, so I use daylight bulbs, which although they are nowhere near as good as true daylight, they are better than a normal bulb, and I always will examine the work in daylight anyway.

Paintings can take me anything from ten hours to forty hours, often spread over a period of many weeks.

These paintings are available as prints at 30 pounds each plus p&p at 8 pounds. I use Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm, and Epson pigment ink K3.