About My Art

I have a deep interest and love of nature and what particularly interests me is the harmony one can find between impressive man made structures and landmarks and the surrounding natural setting. In my style I aim to evoke the unique mood of a place using a contemporary impressionist style, placing a particular importance on colour effects. I also try to add to my work an element of expressionism attempting to add to my work personal feelings and moods which a particular scene can foster in me. At the moment I concentrate mainly on landscapes and seascapes but I aim to expand my subject matter to figures and possibly semi abstract work. As I explore the beauty of England through my travels I aim celebrate this in my work in my own unique way.
I am interested in the emotions a landscape or place can inspire in me, in my painting I aim to convey this emotion using a sympathetic use of colour and an expressive painting style. Everyone has their own personnel response to a special place or landmark and I think its great when someone likes my painting of a place as I feel this shows they have a similar feeling for a place that I do.

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