A little bit about me

My self-portrait
My self-portrait
I am a graduate artist and have been painting, selling and exhibiting my work for the last three years. I sell my work in a craft and book shop in Wakefield. I have also successfully sold 22 paintings on a well known internet auction site. I work part time so I am able to spend at least half of my time developing my artistic interests and technique.
I have a degree in Philosophy and History from the University of Essex. As part of my degree I did several modules in Art History. This Art History knowledge and things I learnt about the Philosophy of colour have all been channelled into my painting and what I hope to learn about painting.
Recently I have been making many sketches of figures, people and crowds in the next few months I intend to add a human element to my landscapes. I have been studying the paintings of Turner and I particularly lake the way he includes people in his landscapes and illustrates how they interact with it and play their role in it. Soon I will attempts some landscapes where there is a human element and hopefully show how contemporary man interacts this the modern British landscape.

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