A little bit about me

My self-portrait
My self-portrait
Award Winning Artist Seonaid Clarke lives and works in her hometown of Stornoway, the main township of the Western Isles of Scotland, or Outer Hebrides as they are also known.

For as long as she can remember she has loved to draw and paint. During her High School education, her preference leaned towards figure drawing as she was excited by the challenge of trying to achieve a true likeness of her subjects. This is something that she still greatly enjoys today as she now specialises in producing finely detailed graphite portraits.

As a self-taught artist Seonaid says that much of what she has learned is down to home study, trial and error, a lot of experimenting (which she says can be frustrating and fun!) and and in-built desire to just 'create'.
So after a successful career in the Aviation Industry, Seonaid decided to follow her dreams of pursuing art full-time in 2006.
Since then she has gained increasing recognition for her realistic and sensitive portraiture as well as forging a name for herself as an up and coming contemporary artist with her unique and atmospheric Harris Tweed artwork. This was first show-cased during the inaugural Aberdeen Art Fair in 2011 and pieces are selling as soon as they are produced.

She says "One of the best rewards for me is seeing someone's eyes light up when they receive their artwork. Knowing that just one person enjoys what I create is an amazing feeling and one that never seems to ebb."