About My Art

I have spent many years developing my own technique and style of painting in acrylics - my work is now instantly recognisable and unique.

My paintings are inspired by the photographs that I take whilst out walking or kayaking the Cornish coast or rivers. Photographing images from the water often gives my paintings an unusual view point, both in terms of subject and perspective.

I portray what I see with innocence and simplicity - my work is not a true representation of life. As a self taught artist, I create visual images of the world around me without the barrier of rules or conventions. This is what gives my naive paintings their immediacy; that instant feeling of likeability and pleasure. My art springs from my sense of joy and love of the visible world around us.

Many of my paintings include plump bushes and trees whose curves are echoed by the sweep of the beaches, the distant hills and clouds. These contrast sharply with the simple angular buildings which may be the focus or merely protrusions amongst the colourful mass of plants. Your eye is drawn to one part of the canvas - a starting point which will vary from one person to another. From there your gaze will travel across the canvas as the shapes and form lead you from one part to another.

My work will bring back those childhood memories of holidays in Cornwall - the sandy beaches, the ever changing colours of the sea and clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Most of my Cornish coastal and river views have a characteristic palette of vibrant ultramarine blues with crisp bright greens and yellows accented by black. Sometimes, however, an image inspires a different colour palette, perhaps because of the time of day or year. My work evolves and changes whilst maintaining that recognisable style which has become uniquely my own.