A little bit about me

I have been interested in art from a very early age and I have worked in various mediums. I have also worked successfully in pottery,etching, lino cutting and wood engraving. I have attend classes in pottery and art but I am mainly self taught.
I originally started in pencil, sketching buildings and people and then progressed to watercolour and other mediums.
I live in East Anglia and enjoy taking photographs of the countryside around the Britih Isles . I base a number of my works on photo`s that I have taken especially of the East Anglian coast and recently the west coast of Scotland.
Now that I have more time I enjoying mixing various mediums in different ways and trying out new supports for the pastels and using sprays, palette knives for oils and working in a more contemporary and abstact method to obtain a strong density of colours.
I usually work on approximately five paintings at a time ,switching from one to the other to enable me to stand back and evaluate how the colours are complementing each other.