Customer Comments

"Thanks for 'Burden', it arrived yesterday and is even better in the flesh. I am also interested in 'Green Belt' and I'll be in touch next week once I have sorted out where to hang 'Burden'."
Joanna 19/11/2006

"My mother brought the picture 'Night In Again' by Victoria Stanway] round last weekend. I am really pleased with it and it is even better in real life! Hopefully we will have time this weekend to hang it and show it off!"
Carol 16/11/2006

"The painting 'Hope Nobody Knows' arrived today and is even better than it looked on the website. Now that I can get a close look at it it's easier to appreciate the intricacy of the painting and I was particularly struck by the way your eye moves up through the all the houses and streets and ways and then at the top you have the contrast of the unadorned field and sky."
Barry Fogarty 10/11/2006

"I am thrilled with Stouffer, she is now resting after her journey. I bought her for my other half's 50th Birthday - but I am torn - I may just keep her for myself as a late 35th birthday present. 'Chuffed' is lovely and be assured that whether Stouffer stays with me or goes to live with Stephen, she will have a very good home."
Emma 05/07/2006

"The painting 'No Reason to Move' made it safely through the airport x-ray and I love it, thank you."
Sarah Moynihan 13/04/2006

"We love your paintings 'The Wing is Flapping' and 'Vertigo' they look great on the wall. They are much nicer in real life than looking at them on the internet. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to dealing with you in the future."

Leonard Howell 04/04/2006

" Love the picture 'Bland' . Looks great up and am very pleased. Thank you."
Rick Hubbard 17/03/2006

"I received 'Retreat' in perfect condition on Wednesday last week, but we put it up at the weekend. Had to wait until we were ready to hang it before taking it out of the very secure packaging - we've got 3 cats who can't be trusted! Have to say we absolutely love it! The colours and the depth are almost mesmerising. We decided to hang it in the bedroom so we can enjoy it more, it was fine in the hallway but we were walking past it all the time rather than appreciating it :-)"
Claire Ashley 13/03/2006

" 'Inauthentic' [self portrait by Victoria Stanway] is great. It is going to hang in a very light new bathroom on wall opposite the head end of the bath! When it returns from the framers that is. Trust this does not offend as it is a picture of you after all. Thanks, delivery and packaging were spot on."
Alec Turner 24/02/2006

Comments for Papering over The Cracks

'Cooor! I love it! Have you tried to sell them as prints or posters? I think they would sell really well.

I'm a great fan of colours. Your piece "Papering Over the Cracks" is a celebration of colours! I really like your work.

Love the colours, this is a really exciting and imaginative piece!
Victoria Aust

Beautiful colours. There is movement and good use of light and dark colours.
Deborah Smith

Really great colour -- contrasted with the dark background. looks well textured for acrylic- - as sometimes acrylics can be quite flat